$2500 C3 Corvette: Ike’s Adventures

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This week, Ike starts on his 1976 C3 Corvette Stingray, equipped with a stock Chevy 350 engine and 350 transmission. All it took to get this rat rod corvette running was gas and fluids! It is a very Roadkill-esque car.

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Andrew 266 says:

Hey guys I need help on my motovox mini bike it will start but then die when its suppose to run still the gear box jammed up but I fixed that I don't know if it has to do with that or with the engine it self I cleaned the carb and that didn't fix it and I put the carb back together right would it have to do with the oil the gearbox or the internals of the engine please let me know thank you for anyone who try's to help me I appreciate it thanks and have a good day

2wheelLove says:

I would love to see a video of you guys and roadkill lol

Tony Ash says:

Ike is so cool…. defiantly born in the wrong decade.

Rokas skirmantas says:

John and Ike i have an idea that you could make a work/off road bugy cart that it would have six whels and two engines, trailer that with a one button push will dump out. Ps. Whels would be 2 in front, 2in middle and 2 in back. I think that middle wheels would be powered by thoes 2 engines (the engines would be 7.5hp) i'd like to see that kind of project. I like your vids they are great. Please make this project. Idea came from my head that means i though this project. And i 'd like to make it by my self but i dont know how. Thanks for reading the comment.

Norfolk Southern says:

Dukes of Hazard. LOL Bo and Luke, just some good old boys

Chris Edwards says:

you hit the bike

superspeeed says:

the paint on that fucking car is SICK. Please just clear coat it and keep it as it is, it's fucking M I N T!

emerybryant says:

ill be honest. i preferred the suburban over the vette 😛

Nathaniel Mathies says:

Did you just quote Alejandro?

Da Ca says:

As you say that engine is a complete pop belly pig, rip that out and drop in an RB25 or a 2j just for the fun of it or anything other than that piece of pig iron

Stuart W says:

There's always a guy in town that builds 383 stroker engines… find him and buy one!

Blurgamer 17 says:

This needs a 330+hp Ls 1/2/3/7 engine. Possibly 420 CUI or Supercharged 360 CUI.

Washburnfan88 says:

That thing needs some cnc edelbrock heads with a victor jr and a nice holley xp 950 cfm carb and a nasty cam. keep the lobe sep apart and you can use turbos or nitro (after a good rebuild of course.) Very nice dudes!

Kingraptor84 says:

RoadKill sticker on the bug FTW!

Jarrett Cox says:

You should put a blower on it like roadkill did with the jaguar they have


Yvette Mcsexy.

Malleck says:

That thing is Hella sweet. speaking of Bella sweet, who else wants to see a carsandcameras 24 hours of lemons team?

SickenedSparrow says:

Junk yard LS or an actual built 350 to keep it cheap.

Brandon Deel says:

huh huh, let's run a 10.0… huh..gugga

BloodyCobra/haroforever says:

Model T???? Where did it go

Daniel Laurion says:

Quit talkn snack about my car Johnny!

Bayou Bengals_01 says:

Ike should show all his cars

Bradlee Covey says:

Im in a minority but the C3 is my favorite corvette

Ion Racer says:

Not as cool as a Chevelle, but better than the Ford, how did u have a hard time finding a short, small block water pump??

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