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Gumby Pony says:

5 seconds of seeing the car and 12: 55 seconds of talking about nothing

Lamont Cranston says:

Ya it sounds like a dual clutch but why is he short shifting it?

Kevin Koeberling says:

I like all C7 Corvettes! Too bad we don't have ZR1's in Europe… due to pedestrian regulations… WTF?

Straight Sandwich says:

If it’s more than 200k I would be able to afford it if my parents help me a bit

Tino Pacino says:

Probably duel clutch. Sounds like it.

Rob Joyner says:

Don't see a mid-engine Vette within the next couple years. Just because some people saw a mule running around doesn't mean it's anywhere near ready for production. GM still has to sell some more pushrod engines to recoup their most recent efforts; and don't see a reason for a mid-engine if it's not DOHC.

Rob Joyner says:

That video has been shown so many times. And, who says it's even a Vette…

J Diggy says:

Yay, Youtube. I only got to watch 7 commercials in this one video!!

Mr big Mr bigger says:

Wow bro you got the biggest freakin nose in the world !. Lmfao!

Julio Diez says:

It does sound like it has a dual clutch auto trans.

eclipsethesun says:

Step 1- buy entry level corvette
Step 2- Pay $40 for Virginia vanity plate
Step 3-……
Step 4- Profit

Alez Gutiérrez says:

my Ass this thing will be at least 1000bhp not 800 what this Asshole says

rockytop roasters says:

Oh yea electric front engine… Gas rear….all wheel drive

rockytop roasters says:

Its a 10 speed…bet you 1000 bucks

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