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The Chevy Corvette: America’s sports car. From humble beginnings as a design project to bonafide legend, the Corvette remains a defining American car. Join James Pumphrey as he tells the story of the Chevrolet Corvette.

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CarsNfun says:

Heres a fun fact you guys forgot to mention. You could buy the first mades corvettes in any color you wanted, as long it was white ;). Keep up the good work love the channel by the way !

Vinni Lovejoy says:

i want a c4 zr1

Glenn Juniper Marshall says:

Corvette kills Supras too

Zombie Head says:

The 1956 coupe just looks freaking lovely, love every bit of it. Chevy should make a modern take on it, just keep the size and weight the same (or close) and do not shove a 700hp engine in it and i will buy it, really i will buy it.

Brandon Baker says:

I think you need to work through your problems.  And yes I am obsessed with V-8's.

David Quarells 4 says:

(Spoiler Alert) the whole mid engine zr1/c8 thang doesnt happen

KaliKavala says:

C05 has little differences other than engine to C06?
How about getting rid of leafsrpings and getting proper suspension? How about their ZR-1 having the chassis of 14 years winning car of Le Mans? How about being smaller (similar to Euro sports car) and so on? Oh come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Brayan Mendoza says:

I worked selling new Chevrolets and the majority of customers that wanted to buy Corvettes dressed just like he described. Hilarious!

RedSuns says:

Toyota Celica lol

SquirtlePWN says:


Comfortably Dumb says:

James can fart in my dinner anytime

Nevin Sunny says:

wait, your brother is lars ulric ?

Jade Horn says:

Yes please an up to speed on your dad and Jessica and the big nose and the big body and David dad ditching you etc etc

Demo Chanel says:

“Hi Putin” 4:59

Jason Jackson says:

Love your videos

Banoodles says:

James Pumpkin

rprovasoli says:

Detomaso Pantera

Mike Alisandrelli says:

Do a freagin 3000GT up to speed gosh darnitt,. I’ll send 2$ for your lambo,. It’s a text but I’m screaming it so hard I think I pooed myself

Buse Tuncel says:

Successful. But it would be better if this product were added. For Safe Driving ➡️

Collin Garrett says:

Ford thunderbird

ItsYaBoyOats says:

corning force

TheDcano83 says:

I like the Porsche with the tight butthole.

Akxyy says:

I'm curious what happened to he and Jessica

Jason says:

Do a video on where the turbo came from. Who invented it? The evolution of Turbos? Do the same thing for super chargers.

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