Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2018 drive, review and drag race

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What a time we live in that for $80k you can get a Corvette with 650hp! Incredible. I take this 2LZ package Z06 in manual transmission for a spin and quick drag race with my Porsche 911 991.2 C4S

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w0bblyd0inkb0ink says:

0:59 This thing is terrifying, mwahaha mwahaa mwahaha(Dr. Evil)

Jay Dontknownobetter says:

Is that a cold air intake?

Nathan Johnson says:

Nick, can't wait to see you have a go in the GT2 RS. The Federales have no chance of keeping up!

Jonathan Brown says:

Fun review of other fine sports cars. I enjoy both the Porsche and z06 sports cars. Thanks for the review.

Glenns Car Collection says:

Email sent, Nick

Rountree432 says:

This guy (the owner) knows absolutely nothing about the Z06 and the options he ordered. He said several things that are flat out wrong! Next time, make sure the information given on the review is at least accurate… 2LZ has nothing to do with what brakes the car is equipped with or how tall the rear spoiler is, and 2018 model years do not get the "full length side skirts." That is a separate package completely. The hood liner logo came out for all 2017's… Find an owner that knows his car better.

Vernon Price says:

For the drag race, it looked to me like the owner of the Z06 has no idea how to drive a manual. I don't think it had anything to do with traction, each time he shifted he stopped accelerating for a solid 3-4 seconds, and then took off again. I think he was just really, really terribly bad at shifting.

Michael Nguyen says:

For $80K, I'll buy this over the Porsche 911.2

Michael Nguyen says:

Would love to see you review the new BMW 5 Series.

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