Chevrolet Employee RISK job on leaked Mid Engine C8 Corvette Information

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Chevrolet Employee RISKS Job at General Motors!!!

Chevrolet Employee RISK job on leaked Mid Engine C8 Corvette Information. This video was made due to the new pictures that were captured of the Chevrolet Mid Engine Corvette and the information that was leaked or revealed by a General Motors Employee. The Chevrolet Employee told me lots of great information that would hype the C8 Mid Engine Corvette Big Time. I am super excited to bring this information to you. Mid Engine Corvette is something we all been waiting for!!

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Ct Hunter says:

Hands down, you’re awesome. Keep up the good work!

Porsche GT3 says:

I believe the one without side skirts and smaller wheels is the base C8

And the one with side skirts and larger wheels is the Z51 package C8

And they won't replace the ZO6 name,ZO6 need at least a a year latter after the base C8

XVoider says:

Top 1 gonna be a base model ive seen pics like those most of the time

Henrirtta Browm says:

The corvette is chevrolet's Halo car. They are NOT going to build a camaro to take its place.

Henrirtta Browm says:

If you want the real deal info on the Corvette check out Corvette 918 and Rick Conti.

davie crocket says:

Hope we can meet someday will have to get a varient of the c8 your videos make things quite interesting to hear. Thanks for all you do

Christian Banks says:

Thanks I think GM messed up with the tires they should have put out with the all season instead of slick sticky ones (which should have been an option) bad in rain and bad weather

Herb Wheeler says:

Top pic Vette, bottom pic Camaro.

FGT308 says:

Looks like fugly Lambo replica. Yawn.

At the speed of life says:

Base model and higher version. Two different models cause one is wider and looks more curvier than the other and even the front end is bigger and wider. Just like a Base model C6 and a c6 z06 you can tell difference because of the width od the car

Jasper Atighe says:

Very ugly rear

Mctyz125M says:

Looks like they are getting a feel on different size wheels. Definitely looks like an inch difference

Jeffrey Anderson says:

First, you can drop the "I went to go on ahead and asked this person" and just say, I asked this person. Second, a photo that was "recently caught a long time ago". Explain.

D B says:

All these car manufacturers have lost touch with working-class people. The Camaro was always the working-class Corvette. Who would ever think that that they would make a $90k Camaro? Yes, I understand inflation, but those prices don't reflect blue-collar wage increases. The same thing has happened to the truck market. $80k for a 1/2 ton pickup!


No thanks dont trip over any crackheads

tangled Line says:

I still love my old C5 Z06. Carry on GM


Is this guy a ghetto car guru

Jim S says:

Prayers for your family but your "leaked" story smells. Why else would you ask us to guess on which of your visions sounds correct. The is only one "correct."

Ron Hazlett says:

I think most of the speculation including the "leaked info" are completely different from the actual car! First of all I have it on good authority that the new car will have both Zora and Manta Ray in the initial name. Now think about this: you(GM) are developing a car to out do the Ford GT, Porsche whatevers, the Ferrari whatevers, the Lambos, etc., do you really think they are going to show ANYTHING before the reveal? No! They are going to use mules to test everything(Viper, GT, etc. all used mules). This new car has been in development for years, they are going to be more secretive than Betty's new pantie color. As for engines there will probably be three or four variants: turbo V-6, turbo V-8, supercharged V-8, and possibly hybrid for a real kick in the pants! All the talk will be just that at the reveal in the spring trust me! I have several friends who work at GM and this is why I tell you what I know! We just have to wait for the real deal and see for ourselves!

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