Chevrolet News and New Prices on Chevy C7 Corvette

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The latest Chevrolet and C7 Corvette News!

This video is about the Chevrolet brand which we all do love and information on the Chevy C7 Corvette as well. The Chevrolet C7 Corvette is one of the best cars or corvette built by chevy. I am sure lots of people can speak on that but there has been lots of recent news that has came out on Chevrolet and the c7 corvette. Lots of people are hoping chevy will keep building the C7 front engine corvette along side the mid engine corvette. Only time will tell once this happens but I would like to see these cars soon. Chevrolet has been around for years making some of the best cars and corvettes in the world. But along with good cars comes a pretty big price tag as well.

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Bill Sheffield says:

I hope all went well with your family member and they are out if the hospital by now.
If the C8 is going to be delayed then my thinking is that GM figures since they can't get the new price increase with the C8 then they may as well go on and make more on the C7 so they jack up the price every couple months . I hope I can remember to check the price this time 2019 to see how much they raised it over the entire year, because I highly doubt this Will be the only increase this year. Once the tariffs go into effect I think there will be very significant price increases in almost everything in the country .
I live in the Philippines and someone recently told me a Grande Sport 3 here is about $130,000 if I remember correctly once all the extra BS taxes and stuff are added on for this country .
I do want the C8 so I will wait til it comes out I think and drive it when I am at home in VA. for a few months each year, of course that will also depend on the price and how long the wait will be once they start building them, because they will be swamped with orders in the first few months.
How much did your Lambo hinges cost you, I really like them. I don't keep my cars in stock form like every other Vette on the street I like to make them different and custom with paint , wheels etc. although the body of theC8 from what I can see, I don't know if it can be improved on its already damn good looking and the C7 also.

Phil Rhodes says:

CG, your video confirms why I chose the 7-speed manual. I hope Chevy can fix the issue and give owners the satisfaction they deserve from what is otherwise the best sports car value on the planet.

Atomic Z06 says:

Welcome back. Hope your family is doing well. Thanks for all of the content. I saw you at Corvettes at Carlisle, and you were just getting going. Now, you're at almost 10k subscribers…you inspired me to get into creating content. Keep up the good work. @AtomicZ06

Legendary Cleaning says:

Glad to see you are back brother, missed your uploads and enjoyed this video for sure!

Michael Gales says:

There just taking advantage of C7 sales to help offset the R&D of the C8. Love the video and Happy Holidays…

Steve S. says:

Good to have you back, and I hope your family member is better. Price increase? Anyones guess since GM is not talking. Surprise, surprise!

scott ellwood says:

You guys are lucky over there in the US. Over here in Canada the starting price for a 2019 Corvette is around 65 000 to 70 000 and that's just the 1LT. I got lucky with my 2019 and got it new off the lot cuz someone ordered it and then changed their mind, my gain at
55 000. Only had 5 kilometers on it or 3 miles lol. Vehicles are so overpriced to begin with I really don't see why GM would raise the price so little. In the grand scheme of things GM won't really benefit but it's a kick in butt for the hard workin people who wanna buy their dream car and all of a sudden the price jumps up and like you said all while still dealing with on going transmission issues. Seems to me it's not the way to attract new customers or keep current ones. Great video, keep em comin!!

Lost Bible Books says:

Price jump is a big deal, I've never been someone to buy a car new so the price will drop back where it needs to be. It's a hard decision, Its just a years wait for someone who wants a C8. I'm considering other personal wants like getting a sports car that can seat 4 instead of just 2. That's a big factor for me, but maybe that C8 might look so cool I'll just strap the rest of the family to the hood of the car LOL.

Lost Bible Books says:

We love you Clarence, you keep it real and honest. I like a reviewer that puts in work before speaking. We need to get you more subscribers than tall guys car reviews. I know you primarily do corvettes but I'm eyeing a Audi S7 if your open to doing a comparison.

AdventureTV919 says:

Great video my friend. Good information. I think the price may stay the same. But Idk. We will see in the future. Thanks for the shout out!!!!

Edward Sharp says:

Hey Clarence, glad to see you back, hope everything went well With your family member, I believe That there are too many 17 and 18 and 19 models On the dealerships lots , The price increase starts at the beginning of the year On cars that are being ordered or delivered to the dealership after the 1st, price increase also maybe from supplier increases, It still doesn't matter to me, I still love the C7 – Z06, Hopefully within the next couple of weeks I'll be talking to our good buddy Rick Corvette Conti , to put in a order! Have a great happy New Year!

Yo Girlfriends Crush says:

THAT'S A LOT OF MONEY FOR THE AUTO TRANS! And I agree about them not fixing the 8 Speed!

Peter Carey says:

GM is not admitting to any "problems" with the C7 automatic transmissions because it would open the door to a massive recall "situation." Kind of like the Ostrich Syndrome of management. Keep one's head stuck in the sand long enough and the problem either goes away or it solves itself. The insult to injury is that GM is not only NOT addressing/admitting to the problem, they don't even announce why the price increases. It could very possibly be, as is the case most of the time, that GM is experiencing cost increases from their vendors, so it's a pass through cost to the consumer. If so, man up GM and tell us. Since GM is not saying anything, hmmm, I would think there's more going on behind the scenes then we'll ever be made privy to. That's my nickel's worth. Save the Wave.

Riki 9653 says:

Although these are too rich for my blood, I sure appreciate content about America's top-of-the-line sports/supercar. This is apolitical to me: I just like exploring the best my countrymen make, in every Automotive category. This channel has the Corvette covered! I know there are other sports / supercars made in the USA, but the production numbers of the Corvette are unmatched. That alone makes it worth knowing a little about to me. Thanks for the great content!

Spooler says:

I have driven my wife's 2017 Grand Sport on 2 long trips recently. I can tell you this about the auto tranny and what I think is going on. When cruising at 82mph in 8th gear the torque converter will constantly lock and unlock the lockup clutch in it. How can you tell, set the cruise with the car in auto mode. Watch the rpm's, you will see them go up and then come back down 200-300 rpms. This is the TC (Torque converter) clutch locking and unlocking. You can drop the car down to manual mode and this will stop. What bad things will this cause? The TC will generate excessive heat due to fluid coupling. This will wear out the fluid and the lockup clutch. It will cause the drivability issues you talk about. The studdering and jumping around, etc. This is why you see them changing the fluid and then the TC if it continues. I need to take my wife's car in to the dealership and let a very good tech look and see if they have any ECU or tranny module updates that need to be applied. I turned wrench's in the bay across from him years ago. He is very good and extremely picky just like me.

Thiosemicarbizide Benzoyl Alcohol says:

These cars are still a ridiculous value and the TARIFFS are seriously hurting supply chains. Just wait until spring when MOST CARS from America will get hit with the full impact of the tariffs. Not to get too political, but everyone is pulling out of producing cars in America and BMW was set to launch two brand new facilities that are now NOT CONFIRMED.

Nicholas Sweeney says:

How do you track my ordered grand sport I have the order letters

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