CNET On Cars – 2016 Corvette Z06: Chevy blows the base Vette away, Ep. 76

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Corvette Z06 is the attainable supercar, automatic braking could be the next standard feature and we demystify the three specs of wheel alignment.​


Master Mario says:

U.S. Muscle & Vette's Rule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Vid

hostilityy says:

lol I like this guy

Chris Felkin says:

Steel reinforced Jesus bar" heh…

mark marshall says:

I could watch brian do a review on a bag of peanuts

Spawn223311 says:

Man VW really screwed up. Emissions of up to 40 times higher than legal permitted, 40 FRIKING TIMES, ONE CAR COUNTS AS 40 CARS EMISSIONING US TO DEATH. That doesn't make you just a liar and cheater, they just don't care about humanity or the environment!! and I used to be a VW "fan" one could say. To me that's just not forgivable.

Xentenon says:

I hate how I have to search CNET On Cars because CNET doesn't have a playlist for it. Rename to Cooley NET on Cars.

Break system… Learn how to drive properly and you wouldn't need all the bullshit. People need to pay attention on the road and not worry about being on the phone. Drove behind some fat ass idiot one day and she was literally doing 20 mph on the on ramp while having a blast talking on the phone. I guess the phone call was more important than other people's safety on the road.

daniel prasad says:

dear santa….

Austin Elwess says:

came for the Z06, stayed for all the other useful info!! answered so many questions that I had no idea would be in this video (especially alignment). great video!

Renee Morgan says:

How much is this corvet

Michael Bisnett says:

If an easy technological fix is now found, it would have been found before the cars were approved. Getting these small diesels to the US market was the holy grail for VW and the right technology could not be found to make it happen. Now, if urea injection is added to the existing cars they maybe able to get both the correct emissions rates and performance but with the added complexity. Still wondering why our regulators were too ignorant to catch the scam?

Steve Mills says:

It's about damn time a video came out. CNET needs to do one every week. And, I think I seen Cooley's weed, and an 8 ball behind the screen when he lowered it.

Maximus Moretta says:

Anyone else has a man crush on Brian Cooley? ✋

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