Corvette Grand Sport: Just Right – Carfection

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The Corvette Grand Sport is the Goldilocks of Vettes

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DucFanDan says:

The Grand Sport is the one I'd have. The Z06 loses something for me with forced induction and the power levels getting toward "bonkers". But I love the handling side of it, and getting a great normally aspirated V8 in a sublime chassis with all the aero, suspension, and brakes is just awesome. If I can convince wifey to let me bring home a 'vette, this will be the one.

mike wellington says:

Do Corvettes sell well in Europe?

slaWterCH says:

C7 Z06 – the supercharger = win!

Spencer Berlen says:

I saw this car in the corvette museum in Kentucky,USA

astrogen1960 says:

An honest and brilliantly presented review as usual, Alex & crew. Glad you waited until Chevy upped their game to test the 'Vette.

Fast Er says:

Good frontend grip? Look at those extremely wide tires that are almost slicks and very sticky. Those front tires are wider than the rear tires of most sports cars. The car is like a Alfa C4, almost as wide as it is long.

Sergey Pupko says:

I wonder how Europe will take the news of the mid-engines corvette :p they'll have an absolute crisis!!! I say, bring it on, bow tie!

Chuck Davis says:

pretty sure you can adjust suspension and steering feel separately. and yes, that's really carbon fiber

C7 Grand Sport Comet says:

I totally agree, it's a awesome car and it looks very sexy.

Motor Sportz says:

Just right for midgets and people under 6 feet tall can tolerate them.(Like this reviewer) C7 are uncomfortable.

TOWexpert1 says:

From what was said on this video, you only need to know broad adjectives and know nothing about automotive history to work for Carfection. Interesting business model for a channel called "Carfection."

CBV123 says:

The biggest problem isn't the car or how good it is — it's that eventually you're going to take it into a Chevy dealership for service and a minimum wage tool will abuse it. And your service writer will take for some extra money in the bargain.

When Chevy recognizes they need to provide a different tier of service if they want to sell $100K cars….I'll come back to the question of: Can I spot every single place they've shaved a dime off in the interior?

History comes back to haunt us all.

Josh Range says:

why does it have paddles on a manual?

Taylor Dial says:

Alex Goy, you are the best! I love your vids.

MrGhost370 says:

Why the hell does this manual transmission car have flappy paddles?

EFK93 says:

The C7 has been out since '14 and people are still asking what the paddles are for?

Thomas Christopher White says:

A stick and paddles? AND PADDLES!? Where has this set up been all my life?


Absolute American garbage.

Jake The Snake Productions says:

"Chevrolet have made a cracker!" You damn raciest!!! LOL, I kid :P

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