Does the 2019 Corvette Grand Sport standout from the C7 crowd?

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The 2019 Corvette Grand Sport is a balanced corner carving machine. Under the hood of this C7 Grand Sport is that LT4 V8 pumping out 460 HP mated to a slick shifting gearbox. This particular one is covered in eye catching Sebring Orange. Does the Corvette Grand Sport give the best C7 performance for the buck?


Henry Montenegro says:

Love Corvette, thank you.

s ga says:

I always mute these videos. I let the images speak for themself.

Skyler Davidson says:

I would have to say no, but only because it feels unfortunately underpowered.

Leafy Watson says:

Me&wifey loves the covette videos to but we really appreciate you & your friend for getting all the content for all of us thanks

Chuck Davis says:

I picked up a 2019 grand sport last april with the sole purpose of having a daily-driveable track car. And the GS does just that. The car is AMAZING on track. I was immediately faster with this car, versus my gen 6 camaro ss. I think the GS is a great balance of power and handling – as you can actually use all the power in this car without killing yourself. And it's pretty good as a daily. it's a little too low for some driveways, but otherwise is comfy. hell, even my wife likes it! Great video – subscribed. 😉

Stacy Dale Barendse says:

Nice! Damn! almost no tread on fronts. Alignment dialed in for the track from factory. Go through tires left and right. Have to get a street alignment.

Cali Made says:

The fit and finish is mind blowing.. because at that price point it still looks cheap inside and a lot of cheap plasticky finishes and components.

mcgeechan6600 says:

Available over here, Left hand drive only , but still not a common sight.

Robert Jones says:

I did not like those black that sticks out of the front wheel wells. They should’ve put it on the back to make it look at least uniform. Better yet just don’t put that around the wheel. I first saw it I thought that was something that protects the paint from rock chips. And then I remembered you weren’t on a Chevrolet dealers car lot… LOL

Danny Spitzer says:

Hot car! Good video Joe….

Christian Martinez says:

Raiti's Rides, can you do a review on the 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI Rabbit Edition? Please!


ILogic 1 says:

One day you will get your dream car

Daniel Locke says:

these cars have gotten way to expensive for the average joe!go out and but a 2019 STI.It's a lot of fun and more reliable!

N9IBZED says:

Nice ride would be better in a bright blue or better yet black


Shit bud.. who dont like corvettes lol

Hsu Hao says:

Is corvette consider a super car?

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