GRAPHIC ENDING: Police Chase Stolen Corvette In Phoenix, AZ – FULL VIDEO OF PURSUIT (FNN)

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A Lumen Naughty says:

women are not good at commentating car chases

ChargerDaytona3589 says:

Hilarious, she looks just like she sounds!!!

ChargerDaytona3589 says:

Wow! I think he was like driving like over 400 mph… …not sure about what kind of car, my guess like a corvette?

raptor bros says:

Um, the SUV that crashed was a cop, trust me, I live in Phoenix and my dads a cop so…

AB Smith says:

How dumb can the reporter be?? The SUV that crashed into the Corvette was for sure a police vehicle.

tenebrousabyss says:

"Suspect is still in the car… right?"

No, the cops are standing back pointing their guns at it because they're bored. Idiot.

Tech Playz says:

they should be happy for the person who crashed into him because if the chase carried on I would of been even more dangerus

geyck says:

Cute anchor though.

geyck says:

Drive it like you stole it!


I hope these women can't breed.

Markulator says:

Dumbest two women I have ever heard talking on one of these chases.

gaminguntil dawn says:

LMFAO how you get raped by a Tahoe in a Corvette? People make the dumbest mistakes.

Daniel MacKinnon says:

Outstanding police work right there, much respect to that officer

The great one The great one says:

So the suspect had a gun and they let the dog take a look . I see how it is claim you love your k9 ,but put him in the actual situation where he can take a bullet .

Lil Mel Frm Da'Manor says:

the police crashed into him

GTA san andreas says:

man was shot

GTA san andreas says:

no i was there

Mafoo B says:

just show it, don't cut away. Americans are such pussies

mrtodd3620 says:

Was the suv that hit the yellow car a police vehicle or private?

Retsudo Ogami says:

omg. these reporters are morons. at 13:00 "is that smoke coming out of the back?" — seriously? he was just kicking up dust from the road.

Kraig Kuipers says:

The two ladies reporting this live are Idiots

Jennifer Moralez says:

please someone fired this idiots!!!

Jennifer Moralez says:

please someone fired this idiots

Shadow Boys says:

Catching a guy – Needed hundred of Police.. LOL

simon berche says:

he was suspected of a murder on a 40 year old dude…

SuperAceMan55 HD says:

Why the hell do Phoenix Police only pursue in Unmarked Trucks? Look at other Phoenix chases on YouTube, tell me I'm wrong…

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