Here’s a Tour of the 2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1

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This is the new 2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1. Although I couldn’t spend a lot of time with the new Corvette ZR1, I’m taking you on a tour of the Corvette ZR1 to show you its cool quirks and features after poking around it for a little while.

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Daniel R. says:

Fuck me; that sound gave me an orgasm. I want one!

Edward Miller says:

Still can't believe they debuted that car in the middle East. What a slap in the face to American Corvette lovers! I hope they had a hard time getting in and out with their man dresses on!

Llewelyn Moss says:

Not gonna lie. I was waiting for Doug to jump over the railing.

Using that dope shirt as a parachute.

Freddy T says:

A great car for the money, even if the interior is crap, but will it attract younger drivers? Most Vette buyers are well over 60.

Ahsan Fikar says:

Just wow Someday i want this Exotic Car

Mathew Greyell says:

You do great reviews

BoB Barker says:

Hit the gym bitch. Good lord. Thumbs down for having to look at your skinny, sloppy ass.

BoB Barker says:

When a jackass complains about how to put in groceries. Sigh. Nobody would drive this for anything but fun you jackass. Nobody is doing "adult daily chores " in this you idiot.

William Spainhour says:

Idk about that happy grill… brings back some 09 Mazda looks to me. Otherwise it’s gorgeous

Do crazy things with Lanny Poulsen says:

Can I just say this is just a 2018 corvette just really customized

Dani Smith says:

i geuss corvette is living in the future?

Sunyata says:

Where's the guy who says this car uses the exact same brakes as a Ferrari ?

I see many different models of the Corvette at the track. The C7 in any trim is extremely good on the track, except they overheat easily, including this car and the Z06. I don't understand the appeal of so much horsepower. My Radical SR3 with all of 200HP can do faster lap times than any of these C7s.

The ZR1 is the car equivalent of a penis truck. Just sayin'. To each his own.

BTW, if they go to the trouble of adding a backup mechanical lever to open a door, why not just make the door opener mechanical in the first place? I know, I know. Hey, it's a rhetorical question, it doesn't require an answer.

bigart1993 says:

Nice to see Doug all dressed up for this Corvette event!


Still wouldn't beat a Tesla though. Oooooooooooo

Phil Laird says:

At 7:20 you almost sound like Kermit the frog's cousin.

Ray Vigil says:

Sweetest ever!

MrStoneycool69 says:

2019? I expected flying cars.

12w0 says:

Doug has the worst best videos on YouTube!

Belt Holder says:

This vs The Demon?????

pelZ pretzel says:

I guess Doug’s speakers can’t handle the zr1 revving

Commander Marduk says:

I need it!!

Tùng Tỉnh Táo says:

He’s might the only one youtuber using iphone to record his videos lmao

Darin Warren says:

The wing is gay.

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