I bought a Chevrolet C5 Corvette with 297k Miles on it! Smart or Stupid?

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In this video I showcase my newly purchased 1998 Chevrolet C5 Corvette. watch the video to find out how much I bought it for. I explain a little bit of the back story on the purchase and some of the quirks and features of the car. And other such details. If you want to see more of this Chevy C5 corvette like and subscribe! Show some support

The Audio levels in this video SUCK Please excuse my youtube noobness and watch the version of this video that doesn’t suck if it bothers you:

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Chase Shoots says:

Bro is that gonna be your daily driver

kieu nguyen says:

Congrats on a good buy.

Corbett Williams says:

Nice car. Expensive tires though.

Boston Red Sox fan says:

Hey man!!!! Congrats on the vette purchase. You did good. Enjoy it,don’t let the haters bring you down. At that price,ANYONE would of bought it!!!!

Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH' says:

Its not like it be hard to find parts for it, I'll be more concern about how many asses been in that seat and how it smells.

TheCinemaCapsule says:

You got a great deal

Djangojango Djangojango says:


Twippie Diggs says:

Typical D-bag can’t keep his arms less than a 90 degree angle.

ConcernedConservative says:

I traded mine at 104k, and it ran perfect. It needed new suspension but other than that it looked almost brand new.

whitehope says:

I bought a 2002 z06 for 2500$ with a window in the block where the rod decided to suddenly make a exit. It has 160k on it and I am dropping a 440ci lsx in it with twin 88's.

ULTRA SaVaGe says:

The deal was so good its like you got it free. Still treat her nice shes a vette.

Love It Or Scrap It says:

Love the car. Great thumbs up.

I am never was & never will be says:

It's an awesome car, lots of character and history, your wife is beautiful and you seem to be enjoying life. Well done ✅

Kevin Barrett says:

Damn you done good. I thought you paid 5-6k. I would of definitely bought that car for that price. BEAUTIFUL CAR MAN!!!

Hugh Jass says:

That does not sound like a stock C5.

Morey Cohen says:

It’s an automatic from the way it sounds to me, you did good a be advised a good set of tires for that car could cost you almost what you paid for it.

Adrian Gallardo says:

Nice vette.. i have a twin z06 white..
I hate my pop up headlights. Those lights make it look newer.
Like the c6 newer corvette 05 and up.
Do you have hids?
Or stock bulbs?
Im planning on swaping out mine.

J Hull says:

Brush washing = bad idea

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