IDIOT Corvette Drivers, Epic Corvette Driving Fails, Crash Compilation

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Bulls on parade says:

This is why using leaf Springs is dumb. Leave that 1930's "technology" to the fire trucks.

Miles Bizzell says:

1:29. Mother fucker you know you just did not crash into my S13!

peter mendoza says:

I think they can't control the car that's was crash the corvette lol

SLuG says:

Everyone in the comments saying how dumb the drivers are yet they look like dumb idiots too because they repeat the same comment everyone is saying..

Jay Morgan says:

Obviously these people can't handle the power of these machines! Perhaps they should go back to driving go carts!

Cyberion XI says:

Too much hp or weak handling? Seem third gear makes em untamed act.

Scotty Perrillioux says:

you can't really call the vette driver at 3:49 an idiot

Jack Kircher says:

The moron at 4:46 hanging out the door has nothing between his ears but a "vacancy" sign!!!
An EKG (CT scan) of most of these doedoe birds would spell out "IOU."

nrken1 says:

It pains me to see so many incapable drivers as owners of Corvettes. Perhaps these people should have purchased a car with a lot less power. As Tony stated, "you can't fix stupid".

tommy facekicker says:

I love the first clip. Driver says " I got the 1/4 mile down now it's time to take some corners"

justglenn37 says:

Didn't know they would sell a vett
to a retard!

Greg Shuffield says:

oh ho ho ho you entertained me

waynush says:

Get the best tires,

waynush says:

Learn how to drive a rear wheel drive.

waynush says:

Even with auto trans can't drive, just because you have money

waynush says:

If you can't drive it don't own it just because you have money.

daniel Donoso says:

Im not sure who the hell is the problem, cars or "drivers"

Sam Sen says:

Sorry but "What a SHAME".Thumbs Down.

mammyrammer says:

4:55 W…T…F !

Paul Stewart says:

Wanted; Corvette drivers. Must be full of themselves and incompetent, show-offs are encouraged to test drive them today. Bring your insurance card with you, you'll need it. Driving in a straight line is not part of the test to see if you have what it takes to own one of these babies.

steve b says:

What the Fuck?? You were so STUPID you bought a Corvette! THAT'S what the Fuck, DUMBASS!!!

Thomas edwin says:

Too much power and a limited slip rear end.

Knarph Heuvelman says:

. >>> Corvette <<<
Only for straight drivers.

Daniel Tezaguic says:

More like race to spin corvette

Daniel Tezaguic says:

I guess mustangs aren't the only cars that cant drive straight

Daniel Tezaguic says:

i like this

steven wentling says:

Dont turn off the nannies

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