INSANE 150 MPH CRASH! 800 hp Corvette Crashes Street Racing

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Intense in car video of a 150 mph wreck, thankfully everyone walked away with scratches and bruises.

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Rich752C says:

keeps the population down

Scythegen Ram says:

Why There Is A Bump On Highway. This Gonna Happen To Another Driver That Not Racing. Cause There Is A Bump

rickii2010 says:

if they didnt get pain the next day they will 20 years down the road.

endermonkey53 says:

awww they walked away, damn it.

TeamLazers says:

Yooooo! Dat nigga Dead???? #squaddddddd

Peyton Honeycutt says:

Dang atleast we know who the fastest person is the corvette

Yugi Muto says:

Did the guy who crashed win the race????? Lol

lobo25usn says:

Yep, that's Corvette alright, a fast low quality suicide machine.

Channel PlatEye says:

Horror film, I'm going to need some prozac

David Pavlenko says:


PoisonHeadcrab says:

Why is literally every single street race in a straight line? How is that any fun?
And then crashing because you have absolutely no skill in controlling your car is simply pathetic.

Sai Namuduri says:

No door sill reinforcement? Come on now.


that bump fucked his day up

andyb0x says:

He should have let off the gas when he hit the bump, too much torque caused wheel spin.

Jay Dobs says:

keep it on the track and off the streets… grow up, if any one ever put my family at risk pulling that kind of stupid crap I would pull you from that burning heep of shit and beat some sense into you … you may have a fancy cage and 5 point harness, but that lady who's driving her daughter home from school, in her caravan does not. You lose control because you hit a bump, at those speeds you would probably kill them both or worse that little girl grows up with out a mommy because your too ignorant, selfish and don't give a fuck about anybody else. Hope fully one day you learn your lesson at your own expense and no body else's.

masterz28 says:

lost twice, bad day

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