JDM WORK WHEELS for the Corvette Drift Car!!

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I finally got my dream wheels and they go perfect on the corvette!

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Intro/ Outro Music by Ryan Little
Intro song – Libertad
Outro song- Sunday Vibes
Youtube channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/TheR4C2010

Background Music by Lakey Inspired: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired

Let me know what you thought of this video!


Georgie Vlogs says:

they def have that cragar ss vibe for sure

Dom Robertson Media says:

Sick I love vskfs I am a massive fanboy over them and want them for my skyline

Derek Lemagnifiquee says:

am i the only one who does not like them? i'm not hating or something they just not look nice for me but we all have different tastes

B.K. Mullen says:

Those socks tho… #TaylorRayIsMySpiritAnimal


Not too hyped on the wheels, but progress is good 🙂

iAmWIRide says:

I'm trying to catch up on the videos from this weekend but I honestly think the stock wheels look good. I was doubting your new wheels, but they look so clean, nice choice.

AMG or BUST says:

Any mail company especially usps is shit. They are all terrible. I dont understand because you have to be the biggest DUMBASS to not do your job. its the easiest job on this planet I mean what the fuck

Luis Tavarez says:

Put the rears in the front and just rebuild the rears 😉

Juan Delatorre says:

Srt10 rims would look awsome

YO RAWzlie says:

Tyler fialko another youtuber is selling his old corvette wheels if your interested

just trynna help you out

John Correa says:

Those look clean as hell on da vett

Carlos Rivera says:

those wheels look so clean on the corvette!

Tyler Preece says:

If you read this can u please thank Marco for me because his g made me go out and get my own g35 coupe with a sunroof and I'm so happy with it

Johnny Z says:

Taylor, Your Miata looks so lonely over there. When are you gonna fix it up and drive it?

Ralph Basciano says:

Those work wheels look so sick. Theyre simple but make it still stand out. DOPE setup Taylor

Evan Dean says:

Happy Late Birthday! Also I really like the rims they're different but still look good, once the fronts match the offset of the rear it'll look even better I agree. Exhaust sound fine for right now no complaints. My buddy just ordered BC coils for his BRZ stoked to see them on his car. Also you can get more money by getting rid of the black car g25?? And raffling the Miata too. Love the builds so far though can't wait to see future videos. Great work!

Brady Johnston says:

Maybe powder coat or paint the wheels! Chrome's to generic for your build in my opinion, every vette has Chrome wheels

T Mac says:

Great choice!!! Classic JDM

CiviC894G says:

Exhaust sounds like shit ….

Jared Lucas says:

i was looking at getting a 2004 g35 coupe and wanted to know your thoughts about the car.

omar belizaire says:

JDM Corvette lol

Ethan Behrens says:

You know Taylor, I don't remember ever seeing the inside of your house and I've been subscribed to your channel since you've had like 34,000 subs

MARIO M says:

Umm more doing less talking hbt….

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