Mountain Driving: Car 1 – C7 Corvette Z06

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Although I’m certainly not a good car reviewer, I got behind the wheel of a C7 Z06 on the Tail of the Dragon and share some thoughts.

I’ll have more conclusions after driving 6 other cars on the Dialed In podcast.

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Tom Bryant says:

It was frustrating to watch until you switched to manual haha. I drove a BMW with hud and found it distracting.

Steve B says:

Bet you wish you had the GT350 on that road……

Mr. Big says:

8-speed auto tranny sucks on these cars. You can time 1-2 shifts with a calendar. Plus, you're not old enough to own a Corvette. You need proof of AARP membership to purchase.

Faisal Hassan says:

While the new auto is good, it's still noticeably dated to something like the PDK. I love the Z06 but Porsche is still the benchmark for quality and overall packaging. It's obvious GM will always have to cut some corners and that delineation is getting smaller and smaller as the price of the Z06 creeps up. Everyone cites that the interiors have gotten better, but when you sit and drive both a 911 GT3 and a Z06 back to back, I personally can't help but notice a clear difference in quality. I reiterate, sit in both then formulate your opinion. Sad that the new age automotive enthusiasts just lost the ideology of emotion, quality and character. The consistency in which the Porsche performs in the real world is still a tier above in my opinion. Sure with the right driver and conditions the Z06 will be faster I bet – marginally still – but the Porsche is always consistent. You got to the drap strip and every time you'll get will be almost identical. With the Z06 some starts will be bad etc – that consistency is the mark of more superior product. Lastly, the aforementioned is purely my subjective opinion.

S Cooper says:

Great roads for practicing reading your kerb lines

mdmoore23 says:

Drive a 2017 and up Camaro ZL1 10 spd auto if you want to experience an impressive auto transmission. Unfortunately the 8 speed in the Vettes is inferior in comparison. GM said the 10 spd wouldn't fit the Vettes. The A10 is supposed to be right there with Porsche's PDK in shift quickness. When you pull the paddles, shifts happen. There is no delay. The new Raptors have them too, but I don't think the tuning is as aggressive. I think the 8 speed cars actually shift better if you leave it in auto.

HoneyBadger26 says:

Come take the 2019 ZR1 for a ride in Scottsdale, Matt.

James Templeman says:

Hope you get to drive in the 488… I think you will change your mind.

Scrapeddd Werkes says:

Oh boy, Matt in a Vette. A rare sight oobservours eyes may never see again.
If you had to have a Corvette I feel it would be the new mid-engine model.


The owner fits the profile of a vette owner! Haha

Jason Lau says:

One Take w/ Matt Moreman

Luciano Zarate says:

Sorry matt, they weren't able to put the 10 speed in the new corvette ,it was too big , they went with a 8 speed

James Tagliapietra says:

You should drive the cars without owners so we can get your uninhibited opinion.

Sanju R says:

Can we all give it up for the coolest lady Dana!

Dana Sparks says:

Awesome video! 😉 You're the only one (besides John & I) that John has ever trusted to drive his car … much less on the Tail of the Dragon! Thanks for a fun ride Matt!!

Cars Uncovered says:

Manual version and I'm sold!

Jared Toops says:

Dana is my new favorite person. That Z06 sounded so legit when I was able to get close (which was rare).

Jim Himes says:

Very cool to see you driving a Z06. I just swapped a PDK 991-s in on a new manual Z06. Love both cars. The Z06 is a rocket but handles great. Great to hear your thoughts. Glad you liked it!

Sanju R says:

Yes!!! Get a MT C7 Z06 Matt! You will love it! Not to mention hoardes of new viewers to the channel

Sinister 6.2 says:

Love seeing this style of videos. I really can't wait to see what you think of the ZL1 1LE.

Kevin Z06 says:

I’ve been telling you for a while matt you will love them!

timecrash says:

When the mid engine vette comes….Germany and Italy are finished.

Mitchell McAuley says:

This is awesome seeing Matt drive more cars! Looking forward to more.

FreshLaces says:

Lol.. The owner is such a stereotypical Corvette owner, stay away from these Matt. Eek.

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