My Corvette Sounds INSANE!! First Reactions to NEW Stage 3 TSP CAM!

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Told ya this car wasn’t staying stock…LOL.

Huge shout out to:

Current mods: TSP Long Tube Headers, Catless X-Pipe, Halltech CAI, NEW TSP Stage 3 NA Cam kit (231/246 .640/.615 111 LSA), & a Tune.

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JBeChillin WildLife says:

Sounds badass

IRaceFormula says:

Sounds amazing! I’m eventually looking at a C6 Z06. What was the cost for the bolt-on/cam upgrade you did?

aaronwatts12 says:

This was my favorite car you bought.

Josh C. says:

hey man did you put a stall converter in it?

andres Gomez says:

I'll give you my first born for that vette

David Martin says:

Badass car. I want a c6 so bad

Tyler Smith says:

Oh shit, my neighbors are gonna kill me, and my fiance…lol…..the whole car is shaking,,,lol

Street Hawg says:

Damn it Man!! SOUNDS GOOD

Slam Dunk Slam Dunk says:

What the car has COST me NOT COSTED. Face palm

1EVILZ06 says:

Needs the driver mod…..

American Law Dawg says:

Toney robins at the 13:34 mark

Michael Horner says:

How a Corvette should sound….yee doggie !

Max Roberts says:

Are you using electronic cutouts? If so what brand?

johnsn10 says:

Can you please link that exact spoiler so i can order it. Thanks

yopacific says:

How do you not do heads with a cam?
Sounds cammy yo….

Brian Leonard says:

Doesn't know how to shift and it's too loud? Really bro…get a Camry.

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