Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Corvette Z06 Part 4

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We had to tear apart the inside of this 2017 Corvette Z06! This is not something you see very often. However we are prepared to take on the challenges of rebuilding any vehicle. Thank You For Watching!


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Walt Kasak says:

Something doesn't seem right with those tires. I'm pretty sure they are Michelin Pilot Super Sport not Cup 2 tires. I have a 2015 Z06 Z07 and I just replaced my Cup 2 tires with Super Sports which in my opinion are better for street use anyway. Unless GM changed what they started shipping the Z07 package cars from the factory with in 2017 then with that low of miles it should still have the Cup 2 tires on it. Great work on the rebuild and it's very interesting. I enjoy every video.

Affinity says:

Did you do a price reveal on what the Mustang cost you?

john lens says:

Anybody interested in a 1975 Stingray Corvette. It has been kept in the garage.

Justanother 5.0 says:

ACS Composites has really good deals for carbon fiber parts

basim al-balushi says:

Put a carbon fiber cover on the steering wheel to give it a great look

VICI Gaming says:

How much you guys selling the mustang for?

Flappy Gamer says:

NEXT: rebuilding a wrecked ferrari

Anton Asikou says:

best chanel in youtube

Faire bear says:

Every thing u do is awsome

john lens says:

Anybody interested in a MG Midget?

john lens says:

Goonzquad in da building!

Daniel Dorado says:

Hey guys, great video like always! Sorry if this is a dumb question. How come you haven't sold the other vehicles yet? or are they on the market and haven't sold?

With a supercar build and shop just around the corner it seems like you would want those cars in and out.

Keep it up!

Chow Trap says:

Hello guys nice video. Keep the good work

Christian Reymundo says:

Y’all some broke ass people why can’t y’all just buy a good new car and upgrade it

Ricky Nukekubi says:

Can't wait part 5…. Peace from Indonesia ✌✌✌

Daffa Adrian says:

learn so much things from this two man

FixItNick says:

Awesome work keep it up!!

john michael ignacio says:

Hey bro, I’ve been watching your videos lately.! You might want to consider getting powerstop crossed drilled and vented rotors. Not so expensive compare to getting it from the dealership.!

Twodads says:

Thanks for the meaning of OEM guys. Tomas, your a cool cat dude.

Benjamin Saguid Jr says:

16:34 hahaha!

MARSSS says:

Yes! great work boys!!

Nohuuuhuuuh says:

Been following you guys grow for a while now and boy do i have to say! FINALLY a channel that does everything properly and knows what theyre doing! Even at such a young age. Inspiring! Keep it up!

Leon Kernan says:

I'll be honest, i'm mainly here for Thomas. The cars are just a bonus.

LCFC says:

Hahahaha we’ll cat-ch you up

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