Regular Car Reviews: 2001 Chevrolet Corvette C5

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Oh look, Grandpa bought a C5 Corvette and he thinks it’s an investment. Newsflash Pops, worms will eat your bone marrow before the C5’s will be worth money.


MNite & Co says:

C5s are already affordable, plenty below $15k – already bottomed out IMO – clean C4s are actually close in price to C5s…

Bryan Gilbert says:

Dude. Is this review supposed to be funny? I'm 21 with a built C5 z06. My car is not depreciating. I'm not any of these stereotypes. I wish you'd talk shit about my car to my face, lol

Jarett King Media says:

can you do a Honda Odyssey

Joe Smith says:

you make reviews worth watching, continue your vids lmao

d-rock says:

Is it possible that it's become so non-rebellious for a younger enthusiast to rock a 'Vette that it's come full circle and now it's one of the most rebellious things you can do? [4]

Tucker Maletta says:

I love this video because it's filmed exactly where I used to live. Awesome video

vincem1957 says:

this guy is an asshole!! Has everything catagorised and labeled..probably a snowflake liberal that like watching his wife getting f"ed by someone else from the closet…..Corvette is and will always be a superipr and the best sports car with good ole american muscle for the buck…if you don't agree thats're entitled to remain an asshole if you choose to… but if it were up to'd be in front of a firing squad in no time!

tomj528 says:

It's a lot of bang for your buck!

Connor F56194 says:

Review a 1994 camaro

Believe Inyourself says:

Poeple who drive this car thinks its a supercar and everybody looking at them lol.Dude your car worth 15-20k.

Mark Nguyen says:

live in Tampa now but I love all the Pennsylvania references.1/3 of all people watching these videos probably don't get them.

RedShiftJellyfish says:

the cheapest c5 here in aus is around 36.2k USD… and thats for an auto
cheapest manual is around $52.5 USD

lucas black says:

Suburban has been here longer than the corvette

Andrew Finck says:

"Anti-Tom Waits"

high five, Roman.

TH3C001 says:

Holy fuck I want one so bad now, but I agree on 4 digit prices, I'm just a youngin' I don't have that kind of money.

fireoil says:

i dream about this car since decades, since i had a chance to ride in passenger. i think now for 24K€ it's the best deal

Eclectic Craze says:

Jumpscare Warning 3:16

salvatore DeAngelo says:

This Cat is an annoying Dickhead !!!

Quentin h says:

Is anyone going to talk about how fucking HILARIOUS this shit was

Khristian4444 says:

🙁 🙁 🙂 Gm motors only love Chevy brand.

WidaFlow says:

Whys he hating?

tommy hammond says:

Please review the 2004-2009 F-150.

kzebski says:

my old landlord has this car. too many rings.

troman5000 says:

Yeah. I'm 50+…and I'm getting one …Ha!!!

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