Review: 2017 Corvette Grand Sport

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Huge thanks to Tom Henry Chevrolet for providing this Grand Sport to review. If you’re interested in one, contact Cam at 724-444-5224 or and tell him Subaruwrxfan sent you!
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MrGhost370 says:

What the hell is up with these new transmissions? 8 speed in this. 9 speeds in the new NSX. 7 Speeds a the Porsche. WHY? Who the hell needs that many gears? This vette for instance will top out in 5th.

SaN AnToNiO-Saints Fan says:

This car looks like an inside out fig newton.

Eugene Onegin says:

When I look at that color I think of prune juice .

kano b says:

Was everyone watching you while you filmed?

Carl Barba says:

comfy seats???!! as long as you are 130lbs or LESS ,

jonesygw says:

Great review!, fantastic car. Can't wait to get one.

Bmackins94 says:

this thing needs the new 10 speed auto

bigden 2755 says:

the problems are very real… After readind MotorTrend November issue's article by Christian Seabaugh (long term test) , I was astonished by what was wrong with the car….. Great engine.. PERIOD… the rest, rattles and My link/instrument cluster screen ( they had to be replaced) cabin noise, ect…… not for my buck !!!

Marc Smith says:

This thing is a track monster. Look what it does to the GTR NIsmo time at the track.

JStream PC says:

it's all about putting the power down. AWD/RWD with wide tires. no need for dancing

Denzel Brice says:

I do believe once it's broken in the lag might not be as bad

Escape for Mankind is Keith Johnson says:

Ford is fitting future GT350 Shelby Mustangs with DUAL CLUTCH AUTOMATICS.

R says:

and uh and uh, very nice , and uh ya know it's really nice and uh really really well, and uh, and uh its very well done. uhh uhhhhh uhhhhhhh, and uh a really nice shifter and uh

Escape for Mankind is Keith Johnson says:

Loaded C7 Grand Sport price as tested $92,000

Are you F'n kidding me?

It does Zero to 60 in 3.9s and a 12.2s 1/4 mile

I might as well get a GT350 Shelby Mustang

through my eyes says:

that's why you should never buy a NEW car with more than 6 miles (MAX) on the odometer

Bob Sumrall says:

I am over 6' tall and there must not be any engineers at Chevrolet that tall, because if you are over 6' you can not fit. A waste for taler buyers.

s9523pink says:

If I could afford it I'd buy this one, to me, these Corvettes are the best bang for the buck. Exotic, great seams, excellent exotic speed at a steal of a price! I'm just to po for that!

Shawn “Skitz” Castator says:

I love the paint scheme. If they did that with black and red instead of purple, that's what I would get! Great review!

Andrew says:

I could definitely see this guy working for a company like Motor Trend

Daniel Diaz says:

i kinda feel like they were holding a gun to his head the entire review. hes just not very into it and looks almost frustrated to be there. kinda feel like the dealership gave him a hard time throughout the whole process. he didnt start sounding like himself until he was out on the road. and yeah that shift lag is ridiculous i can shift faster in my 2004 hyundai elantra. and thats just a standard old 5 speed manual that was never intended to be sporty. this car, who im sure just the wheels cost more than my car, and has much newer technology, has absolutely no excuse for it to shift that slowly.

NickWayne100 says:

Michael Cera does car reviews??

Dont starve Nerds says:

Thank you for being as unbiased as you can be in your reviews, my friend. Like Jay Leno, you show that all cars are cool in their own ways. It's tough to discuss cars with some people because it leads to a silly argument. But anyway, I'm thankful for your reviews and look forward to them when I'm online.

nyfinancestudent says:

What a beautiful car. Excellent review. I've been watching your reviews for a while now and they are by far the best reviews on YouTube. Keep it up, love your channel!

Clous von says:

Ah no one does 3.6 in those, almost no journalist could do the claimed 0-60 of the base stingray, and you don't need a supercar to beat it lol, more like E63 amg… And why didn't they put nice paddles and shifting logic, most corvette sold, are auto, you'd think they would invest in it more

Justin Goin says:

His intro is strikingly similar to car crash cams intro… says:

The shift lag, even in sport mode, is due to the fact you were light on the throttle. The system senses throttle pressure and if you're light on it – even in sport – it isn't as aggressive because you aren't aggressive on the gas. As you increase throttle pressure the system senses that and is much quicker on the shift response. This is true of all modern automatic transmission controllers. Otherwise, great video as always!

Ray Thomas says:

When someone has a huge smile on their face every second they're driving, that tells you how much they like the car.

Stephen Jr Rios says:

So when you're in automatic you still have to shift?

tayl0rd says:

Still has that super long delay between clicking the paddle and the actual gear change. SMH

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