Should I Buy 2017 Corvette Grand Sport?

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Don was a riot. He’s the host and salesman I met at Boardwalk Chevrolet in Redwood City, CA. I drove the Suzuki Hayabusa up there from Santa Cruz to check out their amazing inventory of 2017 Corvettes. It is truly astounding! Z06, Stingray, and Grand Sport models abound in all colors and configurations. We talk about the amazing Grand Sport, my preferred model versus the competition. Don tells us some fun stories and we laugh about how has to move a whole warehouse full of Vettes to get just one out. We learn a 21 yr old bought his own Z06 with his own money. I contemplate if I would ever get enough use out of this amazing car. A not to be missed TNP car enthusiast video.

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BoardWalk Chevrolet, Salesman Don Mays from TNP, Email:, 1 Bair Island, Redwood City, CA 94063,
Phone 650-922-3691


MP87 says:

Go for it! The GS is an amazing machine. Probably best bang for the buck sports/track car on the market right now.

Mike Angelastro says:

Short answer…..Yes

Paul Walker says:

I would go with a Camero ZL1

Dan N says:

Nah…… Try the Dodge Demon – 900HP outta the box.

dashmow says:

To bad they are rev limited

PIe Man says:

Nutn, WTH are you doing hanging in Commiefornia? Buy what ever you want . enjoy it here today gone tomorrow. personally I would hunt a used one let the guy before you take the hit. you can find one that wasn't hot-rodded no miles cheap. I can't wait to see you at the track.

Justin Guilliams says:

Hey nutn, I watch almost every video you have out so I feel I should say this. I doubt its just me but the audio coming from the cam you used keeps bouncing back and forth from left and right in stereo. Ive checked other vids online and It was only happening from a couple of yours. I would totally buy a vette if I could fwiw.

Drego Maze says:

'' SILVER ''

vettelover2009 says:

NO…Buy a Z06…you are already planning to go fast with it…and a Grand Sport is a detuned Z06…just buy the Z06 and have no regrets

Red Man says:

Dude, that red/purple car is gorgeous.

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