Tesla Model S Hustles NEW Corvette Z06 & Modded Hellcat

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The Tesla Racing Channel brings out their Model S P90D and P100D to take on the competition at Street Car Takeover in Atlanta including a pair of muscle machines in the C7 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (vs P90D) and pulley/tune Dodge Challenger Hellcat (vs P100D)!

Good luck trying to figure out which is which in the last couple races!!

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Hugh Janus says:

Teslas have zero soul.

Mike J Pitts says:

Its cool it runs (think I saw a 10 once.) But if I had the money I couldnt do a sleeper. The Tesla is nice and all, but I'd rather just gun up a new Challenger or old T.A.

Christopher Price says:

the race no one heard kmsl

Colby Church says:

It has instant torque and almost 700hp, not surprising.

Carlos Malave says:

Tesla eating ICE muscle cars for lunch !!

Jeff Hagaman says:

Killing that tree. Good job driving.

4nchoa - says:

instant torque ftw

tekobari says:

I will miss a good-sounding machine, though. Sportster or Triumph 650; Charger, Barracuda, GTO . . . Maybe we'll have "ignition tones," like ring tones, we can punch in as we step on the gas for old times' sake.

Chase Ponder says:

Those Savages, got em from a roll though lol.

SC Challenger says:

they take off like a bullet but then turn to a honda civic have way down the track. he had that big lead and got passed up

simon simpson says:

You tesla owners… So lame.

Drew V says:

Consistent. Fast. But Soul-less.

BelowAmbient says:

so quiet lol

Free Fairfax says:

The Hellcat had a lower et and a higher mph.

Tesla Racing Channel says:

They don't want none of the Tesla Racing Channel. Nice vid!

Bob Newhart says:

I wonder if bigkleib's asshole has recovered from the last time he got reamed by a Tesla

Hussain Srt says:

hellcat got a bad start but got him at the end:0, that 0-60 is amazing though

juan g says:

this is why you start racing with lower hp cars so you can learn to know how a car handles.
a hellcat or a vette is way faster than any tesla but what makes them lose is the driver.

what says:

silent but deadly

RapidRrobert says:

My nephew has a Tesla and a GT-R (among other awesome cars) and the Tesla is the fastest accelerating car he has.

Thenitroviper says:

If only most hellcat drivers weren't ass… That would've been a good race

Johnny J Jona says:

That corvette and hellcat got worked!

azalru says:

The Tesla gets off the line like a bullet.

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