The Corvette ZR1 is the Fastest Vette Ever! | TEST DRIVE

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The new ZR1 is the most powerful Corvette ever with 765hp from a 6.2l Supercharged V8 and capable of a top speed up to 212mph! The ultimate track-focused variant of the C7 Corvette packs radical carbon fibre aero in a car that comes in at $124,000 – but, what’s it like?

Join me at SMS Design and Performance to take a Corvette ZR1 with ZTK package with the low-drag wing for a drive to discover all about it. Kicking off with a walkaround to take in details like the engine bay where the carbon top cover makes part of the bonnet, to the facts and figures, it’s then time to bring it into life. Out on the roads in a small convoy with a 911 GT3 and a WRX STi we go exploring and can take in the thunderous V8 grumble as well as the sheer ferocity of the power with 755bhp (765PS) and 969nm – incredible numbers and substantially up from the 650PS and 881nm of the previous Corvette Z06.

The most impressive thing though has to be the sheer amount of power and performance that’s available for the money, with the fixed roof ZR1 starting at $120k and the convertible at $124k.

Thanks goes to SMS Design and Performance for hosting my visit:

Thanks for watching, Tim



Shmee150 says:

The 2019 Corvette ZR1 packs a fairly incredible punch for its price tag! As the fastest Corvette ever made, it produces 765PS and 969nm which can get it to a top speed of 212mph (341km/h). Since seeing it at the reveal I've been looking forward to an opportunity to get behind the wheel to find out what it's really like – join me to find out!

robert nyame says:

I love and would love to own one!

Rafael Mejia says:

Looks fast without even moving.

David James says:

You mentioned the steering…there is also an adjustment for that as well that you missed as you scroll through the various settings.

darius fikes says:

Can it compete with the 720 though?

darius fikes says:

What a beautiful piece of machinery. They nailed it on this one. I want this exact color combo to.

the name says:

This car would have been really cool 15 years ago!

Kalashnikov Cortez says:

a lot of cheap plastic interior, yup 'merica

FeatherGlow1 says:

$120,000 for a ZR1 Corvette? I don't think so. Maybe in America. Try tripling the price for the real cost outside of north America.


it is not just "incredible for its price tag", it is simply incredible in any regard ! but of course, that so much power, and hypercar humiliating performance can be had for that little amount of money makes it all the more so incredible !

Bill Yates says:

The Corvette ZR1 is one of my favorite cars, thanks for the video!

Abu Nation says:

Tim, I advise you to drive a ZTK ZR1 on the track, you will then understand why it's the best supercar for the money

Brandon Lerman says:

Best color combo for the ZR1 in my opinion with matching silver rims and paint. Some of the others just look cheap and over done like a cartoon car. I guess I am 39 younger generation like all thoes wild colors is what it is.



Shawn LeBlanc says:

I love the ZR1

My Corvette Life says:

ZR1 is King

The Monk says:

With Rev Match on, it not only blips the throttle on down shits, when up shifting it keeps the revs from dropping too.

DaltonThomas says:

Funny thing is it sounds exactly like my GTO, but it has 350 more HP. lol

manfreakca Harambe says:

over priced muscle car cheap interior

Drew says:

great video review…. well done!

treehouse722 says:

It is ASTONISHING to me that this is the best America can do in the sportscar/supercar/GT/sporty lux category. So far behind Europe in every conceivable way – raw power aside – that it's legit hard to understand.

Robert Homann says:

Whish they had a c6 zr1 like spoiler option. And a fixed roof/ coupe look like the c6

Godzilla Killa says:

shmee nobody cares about the cruise mode on a supercar, stop being a puss and SEND IT !

Snowned says:

What a monstrous vehicle. Great review Shmee

James Pugh says:

Finally a American car. Yes Corvette zr1 is top of the line love what u get from them. Buy them know before c8 drops and go mid engine

Kelly B says:

Nobody revs the car right. Stab the throttle quick and then get a wicked snap.

Jose Garcia says:

$150, 000 car and the owner picks a boring color?

Adrian Eyre says:

Sounds like mum on the toilet

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