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Today the Tulsa Vette Set is going on a cruise and I am talking you guys with me. You will see and hear these cars as they hit the streets. I hope you enjoy todays video.

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Alex Vincent says:

my dream car is the c7 2016 z06 , artic white with adrenaline red interrior seats coupe… I've loved vettes since i was probably 6 or 7 , I'm 18 and watching you guys drive makes me want that as a goal in life , to just drive , but with passion.

terri liles says:

Awesome job love all the videos of our cruises.

Jeremy Esters says:

Another crispy video. Good work.

Patsy Kegebein says:

This video gives me goosebumps!

Josh Williams says:

Dude your awesome

Michael Hention says:

like the video im a over the road truck driver. i just bought me a petetbilt in November the stingray is my next goal. my cb handel is jackhammer.

Matt Hunter says:

Just picked up my 2017 grand sport 2 weekends ago. My first corvette and now I can't stop driving it, thinking about it, and watching videos :). Loved seeing and hearing all the cars! Thanks for the video

FakeZ06Sean says:

Corvettes a pretty easy sell. Get behind the wheel or even a ride in one and it's a no brainier.

Robert K says:

Excellent video… I was deciding between a few sports cars and this video certainly tilted the odds in the 'vettes favour. Why did you like that particular colour scheme? For myself, I will probably just go with silver. I am still deciding between the olde models (1970s – 80s) or a brand new one.

Steve Plummer says:

Another Awesome Video!!!

Todd Lee says:

Great video! I'm a new owner of the '17 Z06 (Long Beach Metallic) and I couldn't be happier my friend! Just had her wrapped entirely in Xpel with Ceramic Coating to protect her beautiful shine. I also enjoyed your "washing the corvette" video and I have to ask where you got your power sprayer, and all the accessories. I'm now washing my own car and really want the same tools. Thanks, stay safe and happy riding!
– Todd

Buddha BlazerSS says:

Really thinking about skipping the 6th gen Camaro and keeping my 5th gen. Wanna save for the next year and try and get a low mileage 15 Z06. I want one bad even tho I still love my Camaro

Evil_Cadillac says:

Looks like a good time was had by all. Thanks for sharing another great video Chuck.

Big Boy says:

Another nice video. Great drone shots. You have the drone working perfect. Thanks for another nice video…..

Nate Miller says:

I'd love to buy a corvette IF THEY WERE AFFORDABLE! The Corvette has always been a great car but nowadays they are longer affordable for the average person ( average income being roughly 62k a year as of 2016). 4 years ago GM posted an article pertaining to the affordability of the Corvette, saying they planned on making the cost lower and the aimed to please the lower aged or lower income population. And as seen over the last couple of years the cost of the Corvette has only surged higher into super-car territory. As I said the Corvette is a beautiful car with even better performance but in my opinion the GM no longer cares to please the average population.

juliussk says:

What are the songs used for this video? Thanks
Live up north, makes me want to move to Florida or smth.

james myers says:

We've been having beautiful weather lately on the east. The weather finally broke and ive been getting alot done around the yard. Now it's about time to get some cruising in! Have a good weekend.

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