VD Supercar Crashes – Corvette Edition

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A compilation of Corvette crashes!! I know a Corvette is more of a muscle car then a supercar but hey, the people behind the wheel feel like they are in a supercar 😉 Everyone who loves a Corvette will probably cringe at the sight of them getting destroyed but it’s a pretty great car crash compilation with ONLY Corvettes . The last video is in there just for humor, I know it’s not a crash lol.


niceguy60 says:

Corvettes cant even go straight let alone around a Track

Arse Whole says:

There is nothing better than watching Corvettes crash.

TasteMyStinkhole says:

Shitvettes are famous for being unable to travel in a straight line.
I'm only 45 seconds in, but I wonder if this compilation has the one where the dumbass shitard at the drag strip in his personal shitvette wrecked into the light pole where the green/yellow/red lights flash. Dumbass couldn't go straight for 25 feet. lololol.

bedlambikes says:

Supercar and Corvette in the same title? Suuuure……..

Chicago1 says:

ps guys turn off traaction control but keep acting handling on…cmon!!!

Alexander says:

The last commercial was funny as hell. BUT THUMBS down I like the vettes stop hating

DareToBeDeviant says:

Yikes! Can't go slow or fast in a straight line or turn. What's a Corvette owner to do? D:
But really, 'supercar' or not, it really is irksome to see anything with a price tag that high (and beyond) get smashed because some owner of a $500 car does something stupid.

Tyler Weeks says:

ok the video with the corvette that flipped over 100 times. you think he survived?

Albert Fermi says:

Corvettes are are the gatekeepers of the Supercar realm. You have to be able to beat a Corvette to be a Supercar. With the C7 Z06,………I say good luck. All the doubters just look at Nurburgring times………..bring it back.

Bio Sniper says:

i LOOOVE vettes i almost cried during this

crichton55 (Gelbooru) says:

We should all have the legal right to shoot any red light runner. Their life doesn't matter if they're stupid enough to end another's.

Dragon20C says:

how do people lose control in a straight line?
does the car move a little?

Duke Silver says:

That chevy cobalt just put a hurtin on a Jeep and that vette and just kept rollin

NissanTy says:

Goes to show morons just don't buy Mustangs after all lmao

EmilioGarcia Vlogs says:

Corvettes are not even Muscle Cars

jack sisneros says:

Every one hates the corvettes but probably never driven one nor can afford one but still have to put their two cents in on why it sucks or bad.

TrippyPirate 13 says:

corvettes are not super cars

Rumoured Gaso says:

So you have a 2005 Gallardo right? it's 100k with 500hp and it's limited so it's a supercar. Now you have a 2016 c7 zo6. 650 hp 100k and they make 1000 a year and it's not a supercar? you people honestly make me sick with your assumptions. you have NO IDEA how these cars are at all.

niceguy60 says:

Who said corvettes cant turn ???

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