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In this Vlog I discuss some of the things you will want to know before buying a corvette.

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Garcansdad says:

Yes I ordered my 1977, L-82, 4-speed years ago. It has all the bells and whistles available back then including the AM-FM-8 Track, air conditioning, tilt-telescopic steering wheel, leather interior. I did not want power windows, but the dealer added them on the assumption that I'd back out on the deal and the car would be easier to sell with that option. I was scheduled to watch the car being built. The order was moved forward and I actually took delivery on the day I was supposed to go to the plant to watch the build. I still have the car and now it is due for it's next paint job. "Save the wave".

Larry Mesneak says:

Hi again, Chuck. I didn't order my 2017 Corvette. I simply saw a picture of it in the paper and drove right down to the dealership and traded my old Vette in on it. It happened to have everything I wanted on it already. If anything, I would have liked to have a front view camera so I wouldn't scrape my front spoiler on the parking space curbs. One last thing; I can't seem to scroll down on your descriptions so I still need the site where you ordered those stickers to cover the airbag instructions. Please send me their address. Thanks.

Randy Rhodes says:

As always a like from me, sorry so late, been on vacation lol

Bob Sterling says:

Great advice in the closing statement. God bless you brother.

mjdart54 says:

As to you questions; I ordered my 2017 Z06 after giving all options very careful consideration, there is only one option I wanted but was to I couldn't get it, that's the embroidered Z06 on the console. They told me the NAPA leather on the 3LZ is too thick to sew it??? I didn't get the Museum Delivery however I got the Engine Build Experience and the Buyers Tour RPO options. The Museum coordinated everything and was the go between me and the factory. They supplied a very knowledgeable guide who was also my private photographer for 4 days as I built my engine and was there every step of the way as my Z06 was assembled. Immediately after the Engine Build they sent me a DVD with 830 photographs documenting the process and several weeks later a hard cover book arrives with highlights of the engine build along with photos of my car being assembled. Tremendous options that I am so glad I chose.  I have posted many of these photos on the Corvette Forum and Stingray Forum. Thanks again to the Corvette Museum staff for making it all run like clockwork!

konman823 says:

I got mine early (Oct 2013). I was told that someone decided to cancel their order after it was made. It came as a premier edition with all the options. Unfortunately, they did not offer the front camera with recording option in valet mode. If you loan the car our, can you secretly record driving without putting it in valet mode?

JW Mack says:

What's with the shades indoors? Could be perceived as rude or something worse.

terri liles says:

Great video…looking forward to seeing the one from the local cruise you are going to do…sorry we will miss it we will be cleaning up the club trailer…hope you have an awesome turnout

DrHal 007 says:

Thanks Chuck. I live every day like it could be my last…within reason. Gets a little costly sometimes.

Chris Seymour says:

Interesting video. Good job. I bought my Vette off of a dealers lot.

Michael Traeye says:


synthartist69 says:

I live in Van Buren, Ar… cool we are neighbors! I have been on the hunt for a 2014-15 Laguna Blue Z51 convertible, automatic preferably. Missed one in OKC about a month ago by a few days.. ugh!

Outdoors05 Outdoors05 says:

Purchased mine off the showroom floor… Did a lot of research though.. Was lucky they had the model I wanted and was able to get a smokin deal!!!! Keep the videos coming!!! Nice Job!!!

DrHal 007 says:

I personally was referred to a dealer who sat with me and looked at all the Grand Sports within 100 miles and their options. I picked the one with the options I wanted and he got it for me. I wasn't planning on the Heritage pkg but that's what the car that most closely matched my options had. Got PDR 2LT black rims with red stripe and red hash marks in Watkins Glen Grey with a bloody interior. Too awesome for words

DrHal 007 says:

Great video Chuck! You have such a positive outlook on life it's truly inspirational

Tony Draper says:

Thanka for the words of encouragement.. Im going through something in my life right now & your words really hit home. Thank you. Your words truly meant a lot .

My Corvette Life says:

Those Corsas! Damn!

Steven Bius says:

I ordered my corvette. Did the museum delivery and plant tour! Really cool and worth every penny. Seeing the cars assembled was awesome. The complete walk through of all the options on the car was very helpful. I ordered mine with the 3 LT package. Love all the options and glad I got it that way.!

flyncya says:

Bought my 2016 Z51 coupe off dealer showroom. I have the Long Beach Red Metallic with the Spice Red Design Package, 3LT, exposed carbon fiber top with body color edges, Nav/PDR, 8-speed auto. Love it.

Glen Rybacek says:

That sucks I have 9 speaker bose cranks with the radio on when I use pandora heartland or utube only get about 50%"volume 100k car thats a joke an if buy a newer one like to see hp cranked up to keep up with the demon an cd player

Larry Mesneak says:

Hi Chuck! I would like to know where to buy those stickers that you put on your visors to cover the info on the airbags. I enjoy your videos and commentary. I recently purchased a 2017 Stingray Coupe.

Glen Rybacek says:

Bought 16 zo7 3lz just went to dealership traded my 16 z51 an picked one they had ps why cant u cant get a cd player ??

Ronald Jones says:

I will order my new 2018 next year, I am going to Ohio to get mine from Rick corvette Conti (He has a you tube channel)

Todd J. Zimmer says:

Another great one Chuck! Never thought much about the valet feature before, but your words of wisdom will def have me using it more! Enjoyed your "words of encouragement"- I for one would welcome hearing more of those words after each video blog in the future. We all enjoy your perspective and humor, so no reason we can't enjoy a few words of encouragement at the end of your videos. You word hard to put this all together and it shows! You certainly deserve to be heard and I am sure I am not alone in what I am saying here. Drive safe out there Chuck! Hope you got the pics of my new 2018 Corvette Z06 Carbon 65 I e-mailed to you!

Jason B says:

Corvettes 918, I like the corsa exhaust tone. We had a corvette show up at our local car show with a corsa exhaust and it sounds great. However corsa dose not make an exhaust system for my 1962. What do you recommend for a replacement exhaust system if you have any suggestions. Thanks! Jason

Digital Professional Design says:

Awesome video as always Chuck. Appreciate Mrs. 918's assistance as well. Pearls of wisdom on the benefits of the 2LT over the 1LT. And finally, thanks very much for the words of encouragement. Really needed to hear that. Very timely. Blessings to you and your family Sir.

Josh Hopson says:

21 yr disabled veteran 2 tours, thank you for helping us out and thank you for loving the Vette as much as I do. Your energy and info is amazing.

My boardwalk Chevrolet and ceremic pro detail (car got stolen for a joy ride) was a nightmare of literal proportions and can be read on corvette forum.

Strongly suggest museum delivery and stay with your car for detail, or keep keys, or self written statement that says no throttle stomps past 30% and specific limits where car can be moved,. Cops changed their tune and say the contract will help your civil case. So still no criminal cases against joy rides even with video and telemetry story you date. I hope to change that.

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