We Found the Auction Corvette’s Previous Owner… The Story is INSANE!

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What an INSANE story. We literally can’t make this up!

Check out the previous owner’s channel, he posted some old videos of Ruby! – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL3lu9MxSloSxCSX3Gt7Fuw

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Tarkan Uretener says:

you should name it ZEUS (god of thunder and lightning)

Just Like Paradise says:

Love It! Great Channel!

Samira Peri says:

200k miles on the engine is something like what BMW did for their 80s turbo F1 engines. They picked good used blocks because that way they knew the block is fine.

M S says:

Struck by lightning!?! You HAVE to paint a flash bolt on the hood!!! It is named flash!!!

M A R S H says:

Name it Thunderstroke

Voltron512 says:

Great audio for the recording….I wanna know what kind of mics you guys use

_peepee_poopoo_man says:

Yeah, my truck got hit by lightning too….fucked my radio up…

nicolas castleberry says:

Name it jimmy

Drew Miller says:


Elijah Williams says:


magoo drummer says:

call it the corvuck

Whyme123 says:

so i don''t get how carmax works. they buy a car with no intent to resell it on their lot and send it to auction. they give the guy $18k for it. Do they expect to get more than 18k at the auction? seems like losing money on a car is not too good buisness practice

JAX POSE says:

More like lightning McMeth

Matt Hansen says:

Best story ever

Tyler Price says:

Guy totally conned Carmax no way he said anything about that motor being swapped out. He told them it was car with x, y, and z upgraded.

JJY EMG says:

Lightening Red

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