620hp Vorsteiner BMW M3 GTRS3 supercharged

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This is Vorsteiner’s GTRS3 widebody conversion for the E92 BMW M3. The car has a 620hp Active Autowerke sueprcharger conversion, Brembo GTR brakes, Vorsteiner wheels, KW V3 suspension and the body is wrapped in a Wraptivo matte vinyl film.
For the full story, see the March 2011 issue of eurotuner magazine or visit www.eurotuner.com


Armoni Visuals says:

Pretty sure it's GT3RS not GTRS3 lol

lica putina says:

Every BMW has the looks and burns rubber from factory, no matter of year or type.This looks more like a fucked up Nissan 350z with an Aston Martin performance package.lol!!!

Juan Murillo says:

is this a 2011 m3?

Teme Rata says:

Wow nice car at the end of the video going under the ramp looks like where they filmed live free or die hard

Antonio Donadei says:

Lancia delta hf s is the KING

Jason says:

Either your recording with a potato or this looks and sounds like SHIIIET.

Biosman86 says:

only 620? this is nothing… 🙁

Me ontenz says:

I drive a 2013 C63 AMG with ECU tune and intake, but I have to admit this M3 is sick!!

PRIME Kicks says:

That's tooo much.

1 says:

oh my fuck..

Schrimpie says:

Too bad it has no supercharger whine 🙁

Francesco Versace says:

620hp its great but the car is so heavy….

xDLXSFx says:

0:37 that Honda just froze in time!

Imothep says:

the car is as ugly as the music

goo5976 says:

I just wish bmw could be as fast as koenigsegg. if they made a megacar omg I would jizz all over

Josh says:

A 2008 with 70,000km is for sale in Quebec for $89k

Need1eBanger says:

It's a good looking car but let's see it actually so something here, 60kmph is pretty gay.

Tim Huth says:

If the wheel flares molded gradually with the body it would look soo much better. Looks a little too 90's body kit for such a nice car.

Flying Boom says:

saw a bad as bimmer and i j1zzed in my pants!

Lou says:

One day, it will be mine.

Ghos7N54 says:

I'll stick to the G-Power cars.

Auras Secuianu says:

I want that bodykit xD

imfuctifino says:

whats with the shitty background music , ruined the proper soundtrack 

frankdrebin says:

Flare the fenders out a little more.

Connor C says:

worst sounding m3 please change the exhaust and give the car some balls

DJ Exodus says:

so fucking sick!!!!

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