Bimmerfest 2011

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Enjoy our video highlights from Bimmerfest 2011 in Pasadena, California and read the full report in the August 2011 issue of eurotuner magazine or at www.eur…

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Paxson Dain Rott says:

Besides the models 😛

laupstad says:

Well, that kinda isn’t what it stands for.

Ethan Heisler says:

Fucking Ricers

Drew Valderey says:

People always going to hate. Bimmer love.

macman113 says:

90% Asian… has to be in SoCal

BioHunt3r says:

asians love their bimmers

TheOnedayalive says:


Paxson Dain Rott says:

@DuDaze1981 All I see is bmw’s no asianess here

PetrolMaddness says:

BMW = Bring Me Women thumbs up

IdiotFromLithuania says:

or bavarian motor works?

Joshuabrutl says:

So do I have to drive a BMW to get a sexy Asian girl ?

quiksiv says:

@phomer1 those e30’s are so fucking sick….

laupstad says:

I didn’t say or write it at all. And it still is a German company with a
German name.

IdiotFromLithuania says:

idiot lol… u said it in german i did it in eng.

Jacob Maelstrom says:

As Jeremy Clarkson pointed out what’s the point of car clubs A: Look I have
a beemer B: Yeah, me too! C: Dude. What’s the point..?

M Meyers says:

@ocebeziomek research the lyrics and you’ll find out the answer to your

laupstad says:

If you’re a Clarksonite there is no point. He’s not an enthusiast of any
specific brand, nor does he care about how the car works. He, and his
likes, have no need for the vast knowlegde base, parts supply and parts
discounts the members enjoy becuase he’s not that much of a car enthusiast.
Move along to the next supercar video.

Ethan Heisler says:

@ilsot1 lol no BBS are great wheels, I wouldnt put them on my BMW tho just
preference……..I was talking about the redish pink RaysVolk and some of
those HREs are just ugly

ilsot1 says:

@eheis5 hope you’re not talking about all the bbs wheels in this vid?!

Jakub rally says:

old BMW are the best

phomer1 says:

gottaa love them E30’S

ocebeziomek says:

Title of music?

ocebeziomek says:

@Mosheh1am be usefull for me or stfu 🙂

MikeJXWT says:

Lol at the ehe dude, gtfo man, you don’t even know what a Ricer is. Lot of
the cars looked pretty good, imo didn’t like most of the colored
wheels…looked pretty odd to me; color and style-wise…

MrJwuzhear says:

Fuck the cars I wanna see more car models

tsxlover1 says:

Awesomeness as it best 😀

Ethan Heisler says:

lol, true……hard to enjoy the good stuff tho when the rest of this shit
is “slammed” with some horrible wheels

kaleb tall says:

@eheis5 wouldnt say that to the HPF cars haha


I’m a Mercedes-Benz driver and enthusiast but I must say BMW has got a sick
sport line (Y)

jasonking959 says:

I drive a ferrari, duh.

Vietbrom says:

Music is a local LA funk / hip hop band, NY77, free album at

tanner wellborn says:

If I have a Lamborghini I would of brought

SliceX says:

BMW = Suck my balls, haters !

Anoush13 says:

Hot girls + BMW’s. What else do you want in life?

ThaNation15 says:

Hows that Honda treating ya?

jasonking959 says:

BMW = Bitch Man’s Wagon? Yes yes.

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