Ebike Tuning schneller machen for 1 euro

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A very cheap way i found to make my ebike a lot faster(with Bosch motor). just 1 lashing -or ducktape- and 1 magnet is needed. it tricks the speedsensor so it doesn’t shut off at 25km/h. *UPDATE!*- if this system doesnt work, you probably have a newer type of bike. check out this video instead – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElTS-BVY3Vs .


LorD mYkeY says:

Grandioses Englisch :)

BiciFaidate.it® says:

the display indicates the correct speed, right?

Maxtizzart says:

Hi, i have tried with shimano and work for 1 km, after that error E014. After repos of sensor and ride 200 mt is OK. I watch also your great 2nd video – 2 magnets but it's little more complex. My question is: what generate error? The difference between real and read speed? It's possible avoid this with use of adeguate gear? You said that if I read < 12 Km/h the system shut. And if I go up mountain? Slow speed and high work for engine … it's not the same? thx

Jörgen Börg says:

me neither. i do know when the cadence speed of the pedals is too Low and you use a lot of power it dares to give an error. when the calculated speed on the screen drop under 12km/h too many times it thinks something is wrong. that's why i made a second video with 2 magnet ;-)

Francesc Fernández says:

Thank you very much fot the trick!! I have a problem! I used what u explain for around 30km with no problem, but then i will stop giving energy and i just need to stop the engine for a while and then it comes back normal, but i would happen againg every time quicker, until around 50km of riding the screen would just stop, although i still had battery left!!! No error on the screen! Do u know what happen? Could it be that the engine is overheated? Thanks for your help and time

speedpilot12 says:

Important to know is that is only works with bikes older than 2014

Mole Js says:

thanks for the simple inform

Stefan Brinkmann says:

Kann als Zweiradmechaniker sagen das das nicht wirklich funktioniert.
Die Motorsoftware erkennt das die Frequenz der Kurbel identisch ist mir der des Ritzel und gibt eine Fehlermeldung raus und unterstützt nicht mehr.
Wisst ihr auch das dieser Fehler auch gespeichert wird und ausgelesen werden kann von eurer Werkstatt?!
Euer Tuning wird erkannt und eure Garantie ist futsch.
Bitte nicht allen Scheiß nachmachen der bei YouTube gezeigt wird.

Licensed 2 style says:

So this means that you can take you normal Bosch motor supporting up to 25km/h and go much faster then 25kmh? Do you still need the Bosch performance motor or can it also be just the active bosch motor. If yuo fool the sensor I do think it matters anymore if you have a performance or Activ motor.

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