European Car Tuner GP Presented by Continental Tire – Tuner Battle Week 2017 Ep. 4

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European Car Magazine made a call out and offered all BMW 1/2/3/4 series owners a chance of a lifetime – going head-to-head at the ultra-exclusive Thermal Raceway! European Car then offered a follow up day on the dyno to see how much power this group of bimmers were producing.

Catch every episode of Tuner Battle Week 2017 on the Motor Trend Channel December 25th through December 29th with a new video premiering each day!

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Phara Giza says:

These are the motherfuckers that cut me off all the time

funkysatty says:

all b roll, and the driver features were half baked. this channel has been disappointing.

Noor De Smet says:

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Shana Jacquet says:

odds yeah realize water farmer score network menu substance ago flight.

bonestorm007 says:

seriously? dont just put the names ad the times. put at least the type of car so we can easily match them up.


@motor trend channel
has just gotten boring af
no head to head
no car reviews.
all the road kill and other videos are boring and should be gutted.
focus on car reviews
this is the first time im visiting in 2+ months. I used to visit every 2-3 days.
youve gone down the drain.

Matthew Barnette says:

I came into this video expecting to see euro cars not BMW only
I was disappointed

Quick4A6 says:

all BMW shootout? nah.

TRD jojo says:

You should probably change the title to BMW since there are no other European cars… Just a thought

John Michael says:

What is the actual point of this video? I think they are covering some sort of competition, but the editing is a mishmash of “cut to bullshit” shot of some dude talking about having fun? Does MT even understand car culture at all?

CorwinINaDSM says:

lol, winner was driving a M4 not a M3.

needforsuv says:

MORE LIKE BMW Tuner Challenge

Destroyer of Hope says:

Its the biggest assembly of people who don't use turn signals…ever

Cesar Castilleja says:

so why not just call it BMW tuner gp lol. If I had know it was going to be a bunch of beamers I would have never clicked.

sizigi13music says:

You going to the Moon with that wing


I'd bring a Porsche there just to put a cat among the pigeons.

Rick2010100 says:

Blah, blah and some blah…. wasted 8 minutes live-time. How instead some infos about the modifications they did and how the work.

Dom Trinh says:

These guys have obviously never driven a Porsche.

MichaelCoolGuy86 says:

All BMW? How boring. Why even call it European challenge?

saddist1Gtown says:

Again another useless exercise.. Simply call it a BMW day why European without the Mercedes C class AMG and A 45 AMG.. Audi RS4 and RS 3?

Lenny Rodriguez says:

Overlook something guitar enable respect meat story over poem display insect career.

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