European Car Tuner GP! – Tuner Battle Week 2014 Ep. 2

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The field for the 2014 European Car Tuner GP, presented by Continental Tire, was stacked full of high horsepower and fast lap times. At Streets of Willow we saw lap times drop into the 1:23 range courtesy of Platte Forme AG and their 2015 M3. We also saw insane dyno numbers at Church Automotive go up into the 600WHP range by 034 Motorsport’s Audi A3 and a relatively low horsepower E36 M3 almost take the overall win. The competition was very close but there could only be one winner!

Catch every episode of Tuner Battle Week 2014 on the Motor Trend Channel December 29th through January 2nd with a new video premiering each day!

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Motor Trend Channel says:

European Car Tuner GP! – Tuner Battle Week 2014 Ep. 2

Porsche Curves says:

Love that people are saying, “Less technical guy and more racing.” The
people saying that are the people who always get the technical things wrong
and then try argue why they’re right. 

Juan Galvis says:

17 year old M3 running second in the hot laps sesh behind a 550+ whp M4?
Yes. I miss the 90’s lol

Russell Robinson says:

This video is an example of why the e36 is underrated 

chunky soup says:

Can’t tell if this is a UTI commercial or a vlog.

CR80442 says:

These cars have wings and splitters and stickers! so why call the honda’s
rice and not these huh tell me why!!!!

NEXUS Q says:

DID HE DO??!??!??!

I Heart EOD Techs says:

That three models. No minis?

fah Q says:

’97 M3 beat everybody except a ’15 M3 with twice the power, and the Audi
with the most power only beat the Fiat! love it

Noah B says:

Imagine how fast they would be with some proper tires. They’re on DWs which
really are not suited for track use at all, they aren’t even that grippy
for a street tire. I would like to see this event with everything besides
slicks being allowed. Or a minimum tread wear rating of 200 or something.

owen75 says:

what’s the name of the song that starts at 5:00?

Rihards Linde says:

These cars are so slow! That tuned M4, A3, 228i is slower than standart
factory 228i! Factory M4 is as fast as winner. What is point of this tuning
if factory cars are faster?

Ali Mohammad says:

The white BMW is it M3 or M4 ??!! Reply plz

Felipe Azevedo says:

BMW E36 M3 performance was outstanding, its laptime had been amazing even
if car was running with double power.

MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank says:

A3 with 615 hp amazing 

Marloon says:

You should look at the times and dyno numbers that were put down in the FF
battle. The integra type r dynoed at 209.6 put down a 1:27.9. Compare that
with the Audi A3 which put down 615.2 to the wheels and timed in at 1:28.7.
Goes to show that power clearly isn’t everything!

David Dimov says:

wasn’t the audi a quattro? Aka 4×4?
Because on the dyno only the front tyres were spinning?! 

Atrax R says:

That M3 2014 is looking rally bad ass. Love these new bimmers.
And that M4, man it looks nice. Only thing I would change is the color. :D

DScroggins Production says:

Ah yes! BMW #Mpower !

MagicCat3 says:

lol the top of the lap times is all bmw, the rest is down below

Hayden Moore says:

Only milk and juice should come in 2 liters

BCH37501 says:

Fiat dudes wearing a BMW shirt… 

nezerac says:

It’d be so much better without the UTI D-Bag telling us a bunch of stuff we
already know. Hopefully you guys will post a slightly more unadulterated
version of this. Sorry for being the guy who bitches MT. I know some people
still are in the beginnings of learning these things. Just had to express
my grievances so I can have an excuse to finnish the video XD

Freeski Swizzy says:

you cant even hear the engine with all those turbos involved. naturally
aspirated is still the best <3

Nick Amarit says:

wouldn’t 2-door m3’s be more stiff than 4-door m3’s? wonder why they didn’t
choose the 2-door versions…

Henry Perez says:

God I miss my E36! Badass car! 

Allerum says:

So why is the A3 that makes 615 whp only FWD? the dynapack system was only
hooked up to the front wheels?? Why even start with a quattro if you are
going to un quattro it? Dumb if they would have built up a quattro it would
have done better on lap times for sure that much FWD is wheelspin land

George Sharp says:

a fi-aaat ayybarth.
no. fiat abarth. arbarth. pronounce it properly.

catching45 says:

Haha, Your $70k BMW makes less power than a 10 year old Volkswagen with a
off the self turbo kit. 

MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank says:

This is better. No fart cans or Civics thank you.

Hakeem Al-Kazak says:

Great video 🙂 dat M3 was awesome…though I love how there’s no asshats in
here calling these cars “ricer”…when a JDM track car puts a wing on
there’s always a clown that posts “ricer” but when an American/European car
puts one on we have crickets. People smh..

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