Tuner Cars Leaving a Car show – June 2017

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Tuner cars leaving TunerFest at Brands Hatch, June 2017. Including euro hatch backs, JDM heros and American muscle!

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Sam Philpot says:

6:24 I’ve seen that mustang at a car show in Essex

Faction54 says:

3:30 favourite beard in video
3:52 best turbo sound in video
4:52 wierdest wheels in video
6:03 most intense man in video
7:08 strangest sounding car in video
7:45 smoothest drift in video
7:52 most environmentalist crying in video
9:01 best sounding car in video
10:15 best paint outfit in video

Glow up says:

5:50 would you just look at it?

Forte5 RS says:

925 what car? Astra?

oliver gaming78 says:

V-tech kicking in

Younq Kinq Vick says:

Everyone has there squad

Younq Kinq Vick says:

8:42 look at that nice blue hilux

Paul Thomson says:

As soon as that mustang out of shot you know its in a ditch

VichOor33 says:

8:39 " Hello i like to report a crime" xD

Swen Verhaeren says:

Is it Just me or does the E30 from the thumbnail have smaller rear tires

Andrew Coulthard says:

The metro looked quick. Most of the rest sounded shit. TVRs put on a decent show.

TheFalconett says:

Lovely video, but I can't understand two things (probably cause Im stupid). First, why so many tuners gotta have baseball hats. Second thing, and that is really dangerous – why the hell so many guys need to seat so close to steering wheel, like they want to bite it… Anyway, love some of those machines!

luYx says:

I've realized that it's preety common to see tuned skylines in the UK form the older to the more recent ones 😛

John Creamer says:

Grey evo…..proper job.. and I'm not even an evo fan..

328irossi says:

Scooby drivers still crack me up lol


4:54 what wheels are those?

JP Tenario says:

Ricer 3:30

Elliot Redding says:

10:20 buy an lsd mate

Bigtroosh says:

Whyt do you got for a Microphone? almost every car sounds so shitty

ZenyDuner Vlogs says:

What the Car on 10:47 and 11:25?

aasou says:

interesting people leave these kinds of gatherings like this, given the fact that theyve just started the engines a few minutes earlier then proceed to thrash the shit out of them. In psychology they call it attention seeking behavior, so embarrassing. I notice one or two didn't, wise individuals not caving in to conditioning.

Ronald McDonald says:


dimacypher says:

that celica at 9:56 !

PB Brown says:

yo i'm rocín old skool '95 AUDI S6… Anyone remember that one,,, anyone, anyone?
230k miles, and still killing it with 390hp…..

Dylan Radvanszky says:

All I heard was mosquitos

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