Tuner Crate vs PetrolBox

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Time to do a comparison between Tuner Crate and PetrolBox. Both boxes have their benefits and offer a good value.

Tuner Crate: $54.98 (includes 9.99 for shipping)
PetrolBox: $39.95 (shipping included in price of box)


Dr. Órale Holmes, MD says:

both are waste of fucking money

The morning drive says:

Hay bro what's up you live in Wisconsin? We should do a collaboration, let me know what you think.

Josh Bishop says:

Fyi, the screwdriver is likely a JIS, it's a harder to find driver for commonly found fasteners on imported Japanese cars.

TheJoePepper says:

So, are people really falling for this?? I mean I guess if there are new tools or products that can help me do car stuff, I would be interested. But this is all just normal stuff you don't need or want combined with maybe one thing you do. I guess this is the Home Shopping Network for millennials.

Angel Flores says:

someone count how many times he said "cool" "thats cool"


Petrol Box in for the Win! Turner Crate seems to like his name too much..smh

Joe Norby says:

never a fan of tuner crate, because I can always buy shirts individually and who doesn't have about 90 microfiber cloths and stickers?
I also don't need to feed mike's ego.
petrolbox offers more variety, useful items, it's cheaper, and it's about actually about working on your vehicle.

Drew w says:

Well this was just sad to watch. Maybe it's because I'm a truck/ motorcycle guy and find imports boring, but it's seems these boxes are a rip off and filled with lame shirts and the rest is garbage.

Quintin Riekert says:

A screw driver wow, just looks like random shit in a box

Troy Onufer says:

I've gotten 3 hoodies from three different months with the mystery box

Troy Onufer says:

you gave the price for the mystery box which is the best value you get for t-shirts at all the goodies for 50

Tuba Chris says:

Petrol Box is so much better. Why would you even consider Tuner Bx?

Tuba Chris says:

yeah.. total rip off. 3 shirts and stickers for 60 bucks.

a DIY Car Guy says:

I really like that coaster!

sam pinargote says:

Petrol box seems like some guy just threw a bunch of random shit in a box

peter fuentes says:

petrol box is for the people who actually enjoy working on cars and tuner crate Is for the people who wanna look pretty next to the car their mechanic built them

jaime carrasco says:

I had to cancel my subscription to tuner crate took forever to get my tuner crate then I didn't like the shirts now I have bunch of shirts I cut the grass in and change the oil on my cars. tuner crate = waste of money. PS. hate allllll the stupid stickers it comes with

Brooke Curtis says:

Petrol box is way better lol

tview07golf says:

Thats pretty cool.

InlineSix says:

Quit tunercrate because the shipping times were too slow. Last time it took 24 days to get my package and I wasn't having that. I just found it a bit pricey for what I got. And most of the times I didn't like the shirt designs (I actually like the ones you got).

But I don't think they should be compared. It seems that one is mainly clothing while the other is accessories.

Ryan says:

I think he's been getting nailed on delivery times because he did say he's going to order extra inventory to try to speed up shipping. That was always one of my nitpicks as well as the shirts not always being useful. I think they could improve their service if they streamlined things a little better because it appears to be very chaotic. Maybe instead of 5 businesses or whatever focus on the money makers and improve those.

Tony S. says:

Gonna go with PB. I've heard nothing but complaints and horrible service with TC.

NinjaxBart says:

Both boxes look pretty good, but Petrol Box doesn't ship/ mail up to Canada sadly 🙁

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