Growth Prevented: Iracing too expensive? Bad Marketing? Toxic Community?

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Episode 4 of The RutgersKev Show is a special episode where Randy Chenowth and I discuss the things preventing Iracing from growing as an E-Sport and as a hobby.

Part 1: Iracing is too expensive 2:30
Part 2: Who should Iracing Market to? 19:44
Part 3: Iracing’s mistakes: 30:30
Part 4: Iracing’s Marketing 50:12
Part 5: Iracing’s Community 1:48:33

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The developers have established numerous partnerships with real-world racing organizations and series, including NASCAR, IndyCar, Supercars Championship, the SCCA, the Skip Barber Racing School, the Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup, the new Formula Renault 2.0, the Star Mazda Championship, the Blancpain Endurance Series and McLaren F1. Categories of vehicles available include open wheel cars such as Formula 1 cars like the McLaren-Honda MP4-30, many American stock cars such as those used in NASCAR series, Australian V8 Supercars, several GT3 cars used in the Blancpain series such as the Audi R8 LMS GT3, trainers such as the Skip Barber or Legends Ford, sports cars such as Ford Mustang FR500 and prototypes such as the Corvette Daytona Prototype.

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Randy Welch says:

Great topics! The 4 dislikes are from iRacing staff.

Jon A says:

I got just about every race simulator since nascar papyrus on floppy disk… not Iracing to much time an $

Nicholas du Plessis says:

I agree, this game is amazing but the price is rediculous. It's also crazy to say it's a monthly subscription but then they force you to pay the total amount of a 12 month sub all at once

Leynad Jee says:

Nice discussion and even i paid a small fortune for my rig, i'm not an iRacing member (anymore), because it's not reasonable priced. Paying a lot for content without even owning it feels like a scam. When people talk about how little they pay for it, it's because they bought already most of the content and started years ago with far less content available than today. But today there's a lot you need to buy to race on maybe three series a week and tracks you pay for maybe don't show up again for a long time. And if you want fun in iRacing, you need the content sooner or later. There are no special offers, no price reductions when content getting older, which is actually the case in the hole game-industry minus iRacing. The price is worldwide the same, no matter that the average income is lower in most other countries and the additional VAT more or less 20% in Europe. I don't want to support a business-model like this.

And with Raceroom for SRS there's yet another strong competition with races up to four splits and clean racing for free plus content. iRacing can't blackmail sim-racers anymore for offering clean online-races. iRacing should at least offer a free membership with some limitations maybe regarding limited online-racing and a premium membership for people with more ambition and money with premium series.

Dan Gamer says:

You talk about people following series…Even in IRL series I follow a driver as much if not more than the series as a whole.
For example- I watch FIARX and am a big andreas bakkerud fan. If he left FIARX for GRC or simular I'd stop watching FIARX and move series.
Iracing already has driver people watch(matt malone, jimmy broadbent, jeff favignano) why aren't the taking advantage of this and using them to help promote series?

Mr. CleaN says:

You talk about using sim racing to develop a younger user base. Maybe there's a reason that ACC has the blancpain license and iRacing does not. These organizations want that. You see the WEC when they went to I think Fuji, they brought out an entire class or school of children to the racing venue. So without a doubt these organizations do want this. Will iRacing end up being left out of that loop though? That's another question to be answered.

Jackyl82334 says:

No one goes from 0, to iRacing in one jump. No one suddenly decides they need a sim rig, a pc, a quality wheel and pedals and full iRacing content all at once having never raced, this doesn’t happen. Someone who has an interest will buy a good wheel, Logitech or Thrustmaster, and a few titles, like Forza, iRacing, Rfactor, and F1 and decide what areas of this hobby fits them, if any.

The price of iRacing is absolutely perfect the way it is, you don’t have to buy in to road and nascar both, you don’t need to own every track, when dirt came out, they gave you a couple tracks and a car so you could decide if you like it, what more would you expect for $20/month?

The price is right to keep out the people who don’t wish to be involved in a serious SIMULATION. Understand the difference there, it’s not a game, you don’t win, you progress, if you’re willing to invest time and money, like any hobby.

The Matreciman says:

The thought that racing streamers dont need to be entertaining is for sure not true. There is one reason Matt Malone has become the #1 iRacing streamer and that is simply because he is funny and entertaining while also being a great driver.

derbigpr500 says:

The biggest factor preventing iRacing's growth are gamers who are too clueless to appreciate and recognize what's so great about iRacing. I mean, the amount of "sim racers" who claim that they feel no difference between Forza or GT and iRacing, and they don't see that iRacing is a better sim, perfectly describes what I just said.

Paul Williams says:

Randy’s opinion is terrible. Sorry.

dingoXR says:

As someone who has been wondering myself lately what happened to the iRacing community as a whole in specific and even started a conversation about it in my team (during which I got the link to this podcast) to gather more opinions about it since this topic kinda affects my motivation for iRacing in general, I have to congratulate you two for this masterpiece of a podcast. I agree with all of the topics you mentioned except for one (iirc iRacing did nothing for the Kamel GT hype other than mention a "special announcement" in the patch notes. All the hype came from the community ramping itself up speculating what the special thing might be.) I was very pleased about the insight from a broadcaster point of view aswell, even took my thoughts into another direction.
BTW: I went through all 2h in one sit-down even watching the video just with a small break for listening into why Krönke may or may not race this years iWCGPS 😀

Jason Powers says:

Running half the races under caution and getting wrecked by teams is what led me to quit a couple of years ago. I watch some Iracing streams from time to time, but that is as far as I will go anymore. I watched 2 top split races at Phoenix this week, and both were close to 35% of the race being ran under caution.

Robert Henderson says:

Really nice to listen to whilst at work, keep it up fella!

Bryant K says:

I liked the Star Wars analogy lol good way of looking at it

Enrico Bononi says:

Good effort but unfortunately 2 hours of talking about something that will never change. Iracing doesnt care at all. They keep going in their direction until no other will provide a 24h racing system.

Meanwhile other developer are making the money, signing big licenses and develop new technology.

Regarding Twitch…impossible to get simracing interesting on twitch…game is not dynamic if you are not playing, it is boring, etc .

gunja1st says:

Thank You Kev and Randy. I nodded yes for two hours.

FrontSeat Racing says:

Very valid information about iRacing and very interesting stuff to hear, thanks Kevin and Randy!

KannibalKlown says:

I think taking the game free to play would go a long way. Leave all the free content that currently exists and still have premium content (tracks/cars) for the people that are hooked. Another thing that I'm surprised iRacing hasn't done, is go after the console market. The current gen consoles are just entry level PCs at this point and have a huge player base, and the new UI seems to be tailor made for them. Why not at least try to tap into it? The rookie series' might become more of a crap shoot, but its already kind of a dumpster fire anyways. So who cares, if it brings in new/younger users.

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