Japanese Stance Cars Take Over Streets Of Florida

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Day 3, day of the show and well firstly, apologies for Luna and Josh’s show section, they were being obnoxious haha. But we spent the night mobbing the street with the gang, followed by attempting to party at the BG house. Ended the night with a run in with the Police!

Filmed & Edited By Liam Eyles.

Music By EpidemicSound.com



Eddy G says:

What happens when you put a bunch of A holes together..hopefully they'll grow up some day

battlecat says:

This video is 90% people talking crap 10% cars.

Casper Lucas says:

Completely forgot I responded "Science" xD

E M says:

That’s a lot of vape bros in one place.

Kyle Kanyan says:

If you don’t after effects your beard into the last episode imma be disappointed. Damn I miss show season tho

that vdubdude says:

That tc looking extra stepped on hot wheels

Two Infinity Beats says:

Annoying Asian dude.

Groovy Nando says:

These vlogs are amazing

Tyler Estrella says:

lmaooo shorty said that was her si

johnny cay says:

Savages but fucking lit

Jackson says:

7:30 , yup, didn't even know Luna was there until after lmao

Two Signal says:

Love the vid

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