Marijuana Garden Rescue | Why Most Growers Fail | Troubleshooting Jason Garden

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This video is the first in a series. Starting with a sick shitty garden, i’ll show you everything wrong and what you’ll need to make it better. We’ll look at problems, failures and the same old – same old mistakes every new gardener makes.

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Johnny D says:

Thanks for the tips

Melanie Bourget says:


Josh levine says:

4×4 grow tent under 1000 watt hps… 18 inches away from cannopy. A/C'd and hooded light with cool vent… can this cause bleaching? how high up would you recommend, assuming canopy is stacked with tops?

Jeronimo Romero says:

grow boss. you are a national treasure.

Harvey Shearer says:

Seems like a bit of misinformation was relayed here… Just like a kid in a sandbox needlessly being destructive , none of these tactics are in any way conducive. Removing layers or foliage just causes progressive damage and delay.

Christian Cole says:

So glad I found this channel. I started growing this year and this channel alone has me avoiding easily fixed mistakes. Informative channel. Swallow your pride yall, you don't know everything.

Jeff Miller says:

Thank you for your great videos


points out "cal-mag problem"…do we fix it with attitude?

The Panthian says:

when you bend them over are you actually crushing the stem to reshape it?

glynbo68 says:

Thank you !

Andrew Shokr says:

and what if you are using CFL

Andrew Shokr says:

you are aiming twords a certain kind of plant. I want my plants to be short

bigwillchill says:

so we just want the tops.
lighting must be strong enough and far away enough
clipping of unnecessary leaves because it blocks light?
purpling- add mag? or bend the tops like your said

one of the most info dense videos ive seen

bigwillchill says:

so how do you fix purpling?

Will Boynton says:

so are you saying that purpling means not enough magnesium?

Tim Cummings says:

Hey Grow Boss im going to follow you the whole way at least i understand what your saying thanks heaps

GodAmTSi says:

Watched a bunch of your videos over the last couple days and it's given me some confidence on my next photo grow, however I was wondering how much experience you have with autoflowers?? I grow them quite often and enjoy the ease of growing them.. Thanks for all of your contributions to the community!!!!

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