Orangeball at H2Oi 2010

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Orangeball Rally 2010 Promo DVD Released!

Check out H2Oi 2010 through the camera lens of the Orangeball Rally!


EuroLek Style says:

0:31 Slow Motion

marugehtab muhiftw says:

Like für Rusty .

PurpurnerPimpernel says:

why are there so many german cars , especially vw ?

shine says:

rusty is the reason why i watched these 4 minutes of trash…

Zhenya Fedorets says:

what are those rims on the mk4 gli 1:38 

paul hunter says:

whats so exciting about boring vws

Russell Case says:

terrible music choice

N8apotheker1 says:

3:23 Awesome looks

Nem Mondommeg says:

Rustyyyy <3 the best Beemer ^^

suso says:

3.06 , why?

DubstepandBacon says:

Rest in Peace Rusty Slammington.

4rvis says:

The blinking lights sucks, besides that, awesome video

YankeeeIsCrazy says:

3:23 RIP 🙁

arthur ribeiro says:

Polo e Parati .


So ready for H2Oi 2013!

420stoner14 says:

rusty kills it . 24k gold rims, props

zx831 says:

I'm just here for rusty

smilie120 says:

Polo? 3:05? Any more info? Whatever it is it looks fucking special! 🙂

OG Jacob says:


Robson Silveira says:

1:24 and 2:08 Brazilian car…<3…hahaha. Very nice video!!!

Paulo Jurisprudencia says:

no problem, man, If you have a tumblr feel free to check out wheelwhores, just saying.

logantheninja says:

hell yea thanks

Paulo Jurisprudencia says:

I want to say those wheels are off of an Audi A8, look up A8L monoblocks 😉 hope this helps.

logantheninja says:

what are the wheels at 0:21 ???????

logantheninja says:

sorry I meant 21

Paulo Jurisprudencia says:

yups thats the one, sent you a private message.

Paulo Jurisprudencia says:

yups, hold on lemme pm you.

Captain Scrape says:

Im talking about the Pristine 1971 BMW 2800CS

Paulo Jurisprudencia says:

I saw it at Wuste 2012, I have a picture of it on southrn fresh's website when i did coverage for them. the e9? ;D

Captain Scrape says:

he never came back. You should see he new car though… OHGAAD

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