“PROBLEMS” H2O @ Groppi – 2016

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Part I of a two project set, “PROBLEMS” is a song and video project created by our students at Groppi High School recorded and filmed in the Fall of 2015. During our residency, we were asked to sample “All This Love” by DeBarge, but flip it to focus on a line in the song about having problems that no one could seem to solve. Using this as the premise of the song, our artists went to work crafting lyrics and recording the record. Wanting to make a more dynamic visual project, we decided to create some ‘problem’ scenarios and act them out for the video. It was a challenge, but our production team THE GROPPI BOMB SQUAD came together to coordinate and perform scenes which added a nice touch to the concept. It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun to make this project and we’re happy that our artists were proud of the outcome. Nice work GROPPI!!


Mari Luna says:

Yaaaassss! Bring it!  🙂

Susan Sturn says:

I am crying with tears of pride you guys!!!

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