Skinny Fabulous – Ignorant (Live @ H2o Version)

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It went down inside one of the wildest water parties inside St. Vincent & Grenadines / Caribbean – H2o Soca – Skinny Fabulous performing Ignorant to a full charged crowd of fans who loved every moment of this performance.


Directed by: Alex Barnwell
Filmed by: Cauldric Fraser, Steve Wallace
Edited by: Alex Barnwell
Location: Arnosvale St. Vincent Event: H20 (Origins of Soca)

Song Credits:

Performed By: Skinny Fabulous
Written By: Gamal Doyle
Produced By: Kubiyashi + Clint (DEVA)Abraham
Back Vocals: Gamal Doyle
Mixed and Mastered by: Keron Scratchmaster Hector


Tripod Threefoot says:

The only people in the Caribbean other than Vincentians who party like this are Haitians and that's not an opinion, it's a fact.

summer d says:

mad..just love it

mel Cay says:

if you can't party like a vincy or Grenadian stay home

John Sportin says:


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