H2o International 2017 | “Full Cut” (4k)

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This is the Full Video of my H2oi experience. This was my first year at h2oi, I knew I couldn’t go without my camera. Really hoping this video breaks the internet!

Special thanks to European LowLives and @Eochi as we are collaborating and thanks to my boy @Vicevers.a for taking me. Thanks to @Itsabbybrooo for modeling in the video. Owners of some of the cars I shot are tagged at the end of my video so make sure to check out everyone who participated!

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1st: https://soundcloud.com/tw1gz/soaring
2nd: https://soundcloud.com/ezzyland/r-a-v-e-c-h-i-c-k-s
3rd: https://soundcloud.com/gravy75/smoke-that-b
4th: https://soundcloud.com/eochi/amends
5th: https://soundcloud.com/karefuluk/see-through-her-1
6th: https://soundcloud.com/eochi/im-going-crazy
7th: https://soundcloud.com/32670419k/i-swear-fam-i-be-like-9th-grade-high-on-my-momma-bro
8th: https://soundcloud.com/tw1gz/her-ghost-w-hidden-jayeem

Video By: Markovka Edits (Mark Kovalchuk)
I do not own any of the music in this video

Instagram: MarkovkaEdits
Email: kovalchuknhl@gmail.com
Contact me (Mark) if you would like a video made for you!


Vandal Visuals says:

Dope video seen you even got kripsy's Wagon in this

Sub Turbo says:

Very Nice !

Silent Bryan says:

Great video man awesome editing skills for sure

Seewod mr nice says:

could be much better… bit disappointed

otis christensen says:

Best h2oi 2017 vid ive seen yet

Trevor Shakespeare says:

One dopest vids I've seen in a min

DualV3ctor says:

What camera do you use?
Amazing :O

Arnoldo Mercado says:

Shit man I need to go to H2Oi, emphasis on "need"!!! Awesome video man!!

Decside says:

Sick video!

mk6 jon says:

Nice videos

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