H2O International 2018 | R35 GTR BURNOUTS| PT 1. | H2OI OCMD

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CigaretteRacing219 says:

Jersey. Saw that Lexus at a NJ meet about a month or two ago. Super clean.

Donovan Tyler says:

my cousin was out there, he has a custom C7 Corvette (midnight blue)

King Inmortal says:

I love this vlog

Echo Vaughan says:

that was TJ Hunt & Calvin on the mopeds LOL

Anthony Saunders says:

Ayyy my boy phil getting that cinematic game up I see you!! This whole video was just crisp and clear

Maridoe says:

Damn Phil, I wish I could have met up with you. Didn’t get to see you. So many things going on in OCMD, everyone doing their own things but maybe next year

2fabulous 4you says:

dam that boy got it lit for his first time.

Mr.Ek says:

fucking lit,im trying to come out there next year!

Mr.Ek says:

mad fuuny,static is for groceries,im dead,that joke made my day,and im not done watching it yet,static GanG!

Alan Arzate says:

Gtr r35 nismo is my dream

X SU says:

Owner of the gtr ?

Bliefs says:

Quality content, much love!

Brien Golden says:

Good content and footage bro! Clean as well! That ending was smooth lol! #330 #salutefromOhio

Don AKA thedonjp says:

That GTR life is lit!!!

Dat Boosted Ute says:

You ever think about going e85 ?

Ray Osuarez says:

Where was the e85 station at?

Rspec Nick says:

That ending thoooooo

vtecdpn100 says:

Pretty LIT ending phill

Casey Hope-Fletcher says:

Get that lazy ass up out the S and pump that gas bro. Get some wrist gains going.

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