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Directed and Edited by: Stefan Liautaud (@livefrom631)
Produced by: Jeffrey Liautaud (@pow_elmfitness)
This is H2Oi 2016 from my perspective. With what meant the most to me personally: the people. The premise of this video is to provoke feeling. For those who have attended this event, I hope this provokes a feeling of nostalgia. For those who haven’t, I hope this provokes a feeling of curiosity.
Cast (with IG names):
Alex Cooper (@vq35coop)
Ant Reyes (@bvsant)
Branden Chandler (@bmax__)
Calvin Edwards (@mr__.mister)
Carlson Fabre (@cinnematicx)
Kareem Alston (@kalstn)
Keron Hermitt (@killa_kaysmoove)
Shamar Facey (@_mar___)
Feel free to contact if you have any questions or inquires:
IG/Twitter: @livefrom631

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Salah Haji says:

Fucking hate those guys who tried to ruin a good car show with their ratchetness !! Hate shit like this man

sebastian smith says:

we're is this located at

Ryan Wickstrom says:

Brand of wheels on the red Audi at 0:50 ?

Tony Hill says:

very well put together bout time we put future on the fts


Name of song??

Fernando Mendoza says:

Anyone? Song at the very end showing his credits, this video was definitely dope but y'all gotta put the name of the songs in the description save alot of time

Myles Christie says:

Hey Bro, Excellent video. Whats the name of the last song tho.

Lucas Paes says:

incrivel video !!! Top demais

Gustavo vargas rueda alves says:

first song name please

Matthew Vecchioni says:

This video was horrible


muy buen video!!!

Daniel Morales says:

what's the name of the first song?

isaac short says:

12:47 tj hunt!!!

Cody Argentino says:

The B roll is amazing! I fucking love the way it goes with the music. FAVORITE video of H2O!

108mmbb says:

Sweet vid. Song list?

Raymundo Arias says:

Very nice event, keep making it every year to see if one day I can attend one of them. From venenezuela a hug to the young people who organized it …

Brayden Maginnis says:

feel your love. is the first song yo.

Brayden Maginnis says:

whats the first song called?

l Hype l says:

nice video man. I plan on going to my first h20 with some friends this year

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