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Alright guys, it’s finally here! The biggest and most ticketed car show of the year! This was my first time ever going to H2oi, and on top of that it happened to be one of the craziest years so far. The actual show was never booked, but still thousands of people came to drive the strip and have a fun time. The whole time I was there I was so worried I wasn’t filming enough, and i’m so glad on how this video turned out! I apologize for not releasing a trailer for this, I have been so busy the past 2 months I just decided to grab the bull by the horns and finish the entire video outright. HUGE shoutout to all my friends who helped make this video possible, thank you to all the people that let me film their cars, and to everyone else for making my first year at H2oi a great one! I hope you guys enjoy my coverage of this years H2o international, be sure to like/comment and subscribe for all the videos to come!

SONG LIST! (In order)

Kavern x M!ngo – Burn (0:00-1:49)
Made in M – Pero Asi (1:50-4:07)
FOMH – M I S T E R / L – Blue Giant (4:13-6:49)
Kwick – Youre the kind of girl that I like (6:55-8:36)
Kryptik – Freefall (8:36-9:41)
Maxzwell – Stay (9:41-10:18)
AIRGLOW – S.A.M. (10:19-14:42)
Kavern – Gone (14:42-18:02)
Waveshaper – Crystal Protocol (18:07-20:21)
Raydar – Neon Graffiti (20:24-23:41)
Klimeks – Sine (23:41-27:37)
Klimeks – Translucent (27:37-31:16)

Aidan: @aidanmt
Mike: @cashman0012
Paul: @osakaflocka
Pierce: @pjdesi4
Brian: @fackinbrian

See you guys in 2018!


vr43000gtkid says:

25:26 this car was just on regular car reviews

fvzz says:

Anyone know what wheels that miata has at 22:52 ? Or does anyone know the owner's IG?

JsAquaStuff says:

19:05 looooooollll

AllPureSkill says:

Guy at 8:05 was raised on Houston Culture

Angus Bentley says:

Damn, y'all be ripping off Krispy, poor guy

Jackie_ says:

I love the music you used!

Chillaxin777 :P says:

I made the vid!!!

John says:

Yooo! Dat fat nigga in da White Benz riding clean AF!!!

QcHaR says:

I <3 your videos! Great job!

haroplanbsuzuki says:

6:23 @nipplesslamsboxes

Alicia Walker CreepyKirtland26 says:

Happy new year mike. Great video

RoyalOceanRWB says:

28:34 that steering wheel is vomit inducing

Simi Isaiah says:

ok dude with wagon bimmer is just full of life..i want him to be my friend lol

iTz Eddyy says:

Return the slab..

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