H2oi 2017 is “cancelled” // Ocean City, Maryland

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Shots from Thursday at h2No ocean city Maryland


CarCommunity says:

sick Video, Check Out our Channel, We will be posting our H2Oi Aftermovie Soon, Stay Tuned!

Tj Cunt says:

I didn’t even know there was gonna this soon there was no hype around it this year

Eddie Marvel says:

as you see the title says cancelled this is because no one likes you car queers you need to take your ass back to your respected s*** holes your permits were denied and you're not wanted by the town city or the people that live here you lives have been lived 1000 times owning a fancy car and a pair of vans doesn't make you special I'm sure you have a $10,000 paint job$3,000 with the rims and tires$1,000 exhaust but you still don't own a house get your priorities straight and you're not welcome in Ocean City

CarlJ says:

Sometimes I wish I didn't move…

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