H2Oi 2018 After Movie

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Ocean City, MD
It’s lit.
Filmed by @godsalie (insta)


Gregory S Hutchison says:

I'm pretty sure that dude that got popped and waiting on Gma(haha), got a ride from my brother down to the bridge.

Stas CTAC says:

nicest vid ive seen of h2oi

operamatt says:

first 5 seconds gets a thumbs down

YT. Daniel Ross says:

Looks like a 2003 video…. "AfTeRmOvIe"

Austin Ferraro says:

Free orion crane


Grandmas repping full bird, respect the Armed Forces.

SC Guy says:

Damn man I was eating.

sithlordsoup says:

Solid intro

Simi Isaiah says:

That ticket is bs.. As long as his 18 and above his responsible for not wearing seat belt. Go fight that shit

Let It Reign says:

6:57 @tommyFyea lookalike lmao

Carlos Padron Jr. says:

I would never move to that state if police are hatin on tuners like that:(

2001pontiacta says:

Why do people run to stand in front of a car doing a burnout?……Morons

MovieManBrad says:

Ocpd was way too aggressive. 30 mph speed limit was shit

4J Craznit says:

H2O H2O!! Tuner Evo aint got nothing on this.

Hampsen Alvarado says:

22:33 sav lmao

Duraguy says:

h2i0 was lit tho y'all follow me and check out some photos @_toyse on ig

90’s JDM Boyo says:

That intro made me thirsty

Mike Eller says:

9:24 is my friend and I in the M4

Julio Aparicio says:

Lol I'm the owner of the Black BRZ with white wheels that got impounded. Great video btw!

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