H2Oi 2018 Aftermovie | dboulz Media (4K)

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Be sure to watch the full video for my whole story of our 5 day trip down to Ocean City Maryland for the unofficial H2Oi 2018!

Gear used for this video: Sony a6500, 50mm f1.8, 10-18 f4, dji ronin m, Atomos Assassin, Neweer tripod

Songs used for this video in order: Kodyak – those cracks in my eyes
Grayera – a distant voice
drip 133 ft grayer – hands one
Kodyak – trying I promise
Grayera – its only us now
Kodyak – been here before
whereisalex – we’re going down
Bones – staying ahead of the weather
Raven & Kreyn – Muffin
Kodyak ft fifty grand – on mourning
Grayera – bleak touch
Kodyak ft bones – Photographic memory
Grayera ft Kodyak – easier times
Gypsy Mamba – C H A R N E L C R I B
Grayera – refraction
Kodyak ft hnrk – it all comes full circle
drip 133 – nothing helps
hnrk – Nekrophag
Grayera – autumnal
Kodyak – those cracks in my eyes
Werro & Mitte – Our Dive
Distrion & Electro – Light – Drakkar

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Liban Abdi says:

That 335i at 17:00 needs MORE low!! & He thinks hes cool huh LOL

Klemen Škoberne says:

Are we just gonna ignore the fact that the red audi has only one carbon thingy on the left side and two carbon thingys on the right???

Wandr3r says:

The fake phone call at 17:31 was awesome. LOL

Griffin Corey says:

22:53 its b-hall!

gfk22 says:

whats the dates for 19?

sanjuan240 says:

Need to go this year

Joey McQuilkin says:

Not a focus fan but that blue st is beautiful… those are my FAVORITE Rotiform’s … very nicely done

Baconator T3 says:

BMW at 29 min is lame as hell

RAWzMedia says:

my bug at 13:05 scrapes but you cant hear it till the next scene with the pink guy, audio issue? lol great video tho!

Aaronb TV says:

What camera do you use?

Zaur Khaseklahov says:

looks like every bmw from CT) see you guys in 2019 i will be on my bmw e60))) also from CT)))

Ryan Peachey says:

Whats up with the feature of the 335xi at 16:30? I see better cars walking through my local Walmarts parking lot

Bayron Colondres says:

When is h2oi

Mark Choi says:

That focus is rad. I'm happy to see a clean ST get some attention. Too many of them are stock with mudflaps and plastidipped factory wheels.

BaN PrIdE says:

where this country?

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