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This year’s H2Oi was once again blessed with good weather and even better people! The cars were fantastic despite H2Oi officially moving to Atlantic City. In my mind this will always be the true H2Oi and I’m glad that enthusiasts are still flocking to Ocean City to one of the best car events in the world. I hope you enjoy my rendition of H2Oi 2018 Ocean City. As always, any feedback or criticism is welcomed and appreciated 🙂

Thanks for all the support you guys have been giving me ❤️

Songs (In Order):

Coubo – Myrrh

The Deli – Flowers

Idealism – Falling Asleep at 3:37 AM (feat. Alex Szotak)

kudasai – when i see you

Limes – Jovial

mattdeguia – daylight

j’san – in time

prima – june gloom.

nymano – i’ll never know / green tea

Nymano – Fishtail Parka

saib. – Café


Anas jarrar says:

WOW !! This is amazing, awesome select of cars and the videography & the colors are unbelievable!!
I'm wondering what camera do you use ?!
congrats man!

kelley Don says:

What is the music for the first 2 mins please?


Great job on vid man and the music on background so comfortable..I just love it I was there that day I live in Delaware.. alot of fun

The Rolling Times says:

What camera do you guys use?

/ sakikiki says:

20:25 who's golf ?

Robert Wieczorek says:

Amazing,love this style of showcasing amazing rides

Farkhad Mammadli says:

2:51 Oh my God, yellow Taxi JEtta, with amazing BBS-es. I', also owner two Jettas, Mk5 and Mk6. This is an amazing car for customize it

FilmWorks says:

Sony A7SII ?
And what's the lens ?

benedictus benn says:

I hear Lofi, i hit like.

Bairon Mejia Fortnite says:

Gta 6 sould be ocean city…

Jose Augusto Burattini says:

Th cars, place and music simply perfect

Nicola Onorato says:

Always listen to the video while studying. Keep up the good work.

Katayan .golf.mk3 says:

Make sure check out my youtube channel

infini says:

très beau travail mon amie!!!!

chwkam says:

Love it, nice chill vibe, nice shots and color grade. Subbed!

Dennvision says:

Where the hell did they get that 8L S3??? 10:03


Yessss! Dope video and the music choice is on point!! Well done. Kudos

Bobbbyyy Booiii says:

Is there going to be a H2Oi 2019? I hope so man, I'd like to attend as well! Amazing work brotha!

GnarDope__ Radington says:

Beautiful edit homie. Every year I want to go so bad but I know I'll 100% total my car before I get there hah I'm trippin hard af over the 02-03 WRX wagon at 13:53!!! Who's is that and what hatch is that?? Retrofitted legacy or outback hatch? Or just retrofitted light maybe?? Been in the Subaru game for almost a decade now and I've NEVER seen that before haha so rad and refreshing to see a fellow Subaru homie doing something new and different

Bittertokken says:

This video was delightful! A lovely selection of cars!

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