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Here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! My coverage of H2oi (unofficial) 2018! This year was unlike anything i’ve ever seen, the amount of police that were present throughout this unofficial event was insane! This year I tried to be more laid back in terms of filming, spending time hanging out with good friends as always, see some new faces and some awesome cars! Even though the official event was held in Atlantic City this year, the majority of H2oi lovers found themselves back where they feel is H2oi’s home, Ocean City Maryland, and I couldn’t complain in the slightest. Awesome week of filming, burnouts, tickets, arrests, and most importantly seeing friends you only see once every so often each year. Hope you all enjoyed my coverage of this years event and i’m looking forward to next year already! HUGE SHOUTOUT TO MY FRIENDS FOR HELPING ME FILM! FOLLOW THEM BELOW!


(0:00-1:40) Warriyo – Mortals
(1:40-6:35) David Christians – Forever On
(6:38-8:45) Mirvzh – Addiction ft. Scholxr
(8:45-11:16) Mirvzh – Carlad ft. Heavy Hearts
(11:16-13:51) nohidea x killedmyself – And then it swallowed me
(13:51-15:13) Klimeks – Shibuya Station
(15:13-17:19) PEARL WHITE – Transgender
(17:19-18:50) Klimeks – Infinite
(18:50-22:28) .Underrate – Exge
(22:30-25:46) Hermei – Tides (FOMH)
(25:52-27:42) Palence – Tracery
(27:42-29:16) Lunar Vision – REASONTOLEAVE
(29:16-32:10) Drophead w/DIVINE
(32:12-33:52) Mirvzh – Wild Night
Camera: https://goo.gl/FW1ez1
Lens: https://goo.gl/k8kXJC
Camera Stabilizer: https://goo.gl/NQUxxt
Stabilizer Case: https://goo.gl/tVKZVp
Monitor: https://goo.gl/DcuzaF
Microphone: https://goo.gl/QFo8uQ
Camera Cage: https://goo.gl/PfmXyS
Camera Backpack: https://goo.gl/a1EmX8

car stance h2o ocean city ocmd stanced airride camber evo nissan


Blake Ate My Console says:

I just lost no nut november

TrainWarrior says:

Not even gonna lie, I subbed just for 10:19.

Taylor says:

Nice ass editing

lulz atom says:

I got the hot wheels gtr

The Canucklehead says:

Sooo…. is this happening again this year? I can’t find any info on h2oi 2019

Slimjim says:

Ticket fest 2018. Everyone just made a donated to Ocean City,
The amount of tax collectors out collecting was amazing.

Thatwide.bowtie says:

this is so awesome!!

Wheelie Hooligans says:

LADA in america?

Moo Mooing says:

wowz really good cinematography!

justin turner says:

That 32 with the HKS livery! So so so Sick!! Fuck I love that car

Sir Crankington says:

the tow truck drivers are out here gettin PAID and having a good time lmfao

Fabricio Silva says:

meu sonho é ir para ocean city, um salve do Brasil

OSAKA !!! says:

I hope next year i will go there PEACE from germeny !!!!!

MR HEMAN says:

şöyle bi ortamda bulunsam ne güzel olur beee

frostedmender3 says:

Только что выпало в рекомендованных . Что ЛАДА делает в Америке?))

TheMuchti says:

3:55 bumping the boy$ omg yes

Lucas Aubertin says:

What a great job, I couldn't go away. It was so beautiful.

Gonzo says:

Жига топ, ебать! Видео отличное, однозначно достоин лайк .

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