H2Oi 2018 | Funky (4k)

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H2O International in Ocean City, Maryland.
I was only able to capture a short candid montage from the weekend but I’m still stoked with the outcome. The vibes in town are always so unreal/hectic; I tried my best with this montage to show just that..

What was your favorite car that you saw on the strip?

LoxxLife – VooDoo

DJYungVamp – I Get Da Grip U Get Drip

Dilip – Ondarun w/ Soudiere

William Crooks – Gellaitry Groove Remix

BBNO$ – Drip Ft. Jello Rio

[ bsd.u ] – Gang Moves w/ PUAR

Oliver Francis – Windows Down Ft. Big Baby Scumbag

Juelz – Play This In The Club

[ bsd.u ] – 1 Thot 2 Thot – Yung Gravy Remix

Landyn – Origins

S/O @JapCrapLLC – Hit them up for all your JDM importing goods


Recaro | Lynx says:

this video is so underrated

it's perfect <3

Leonardo Izau says:

who owns the MK5 on 5:55 ?

David Salley says:

4:30 did I hear that right? Driving on highway without tires?

Spider IPSC says:

почему их вечно копы гоняют!???

Quantum Plays says:

So guys we did it.

Cade Brown says:

Amazing footage and transistions, most badass roller shots ive ever seen

Albert Sausageworth says:

12:50 "i will call the cops if you dont let me outside"

Fabiot says:

15:22 look at his elbow and then tell me your opinion about us cops

Fabiot says:

Annoying cops

Swedish Enduro says:

e36,e30 so nice looking.

Onzeseis says:

Awesome work, bro! Nice event.

Azzix Freezy says:

Stop this fucking camber

sheldon stephenson says:

Where do I find that slowed trap remix sounding get dripped by playboy carti

Nitrox The Classy Narwhal says:

15:22 what happened to that guy and why is he being carried by like 6 people

RoadRoyals says:

Dope edit my dude! loved it

TheFritzWitz says:

So H2OI is a VW and Audi event, but other modified cars are welcome to attend? Seems like an awesome event!

schtekar says:

This was a such a great watch, absolutely love both the videography and editing! Amazing work!

Andrew McHale says:

does anyone know what body kit is on the e30 at 6:20?

fd_photography says:

Nice! Camera and setup ? 🙂

Patrick Wajler says:

good shit on this video man would love to link if ur arounnd NYC/ Philly area

BornWinner says:

Pięknie utrzymane gruzy.

naviboii says:

do u have to have a really fast and cool car to be featured in this photo/videography game?

Bergwerkziege says:

My biggest problem in this car-world will still be… what car do I really want? There are so many freaking awesome cars on this planet I don't know which I prefer…

EDIT: Right now I'm driving an E36 Touring which I really like.

Tim Novak says:


Aaron Machado says:

I love the color grading in this!

Lachlan Boli says:

What camera and setup were you using

Hippie man 420 says:

I masturbated to this, GREAT VIDEO!!

CoysClips says:

9:26 i dont know if this is a glitch in the video but i only see the left half of the bmw, which sucks because it looks really nice… 🙁

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